Tim Allen Sells Ford GT Supercar for Insane Price

by Michael Freeman

Known for more than just comedy, Last Man Standing star Tim Allen loves cars. After recently putting up a unique one from his collection to auction, it sold for an insane price.

Tim Allen’s 2017 Ford GT supercar sold for a massive $1 million on the Bring a Trailer auction site. Allen was one of the first customers for the GT, originally paying $485,500 for the car. Ford stated they would only build 1,350 through 2022 and some used models sold as high as $1.8 million. It turns out the company is quite selective as to who can buy one and even Tim Allen struggled to acquire it.

“It was like getting into Stanford,” Allen said in a YouTube video touring his garage. “I can’t believe the amount of paperwork to get on the list … to OK you to buy a car that they wouldn’t even tell you how much it cost.” With so much work to get one for himself, you would think he’d be ecstatic, but he says “I’m mixed about it.”

“In its element, I’ve never driven a more fantastic automobile,” Allen continued. However, he says there’s little to no room, stating with two men in there, they’re practically on each other’s laps. On that note, there’s no storage, place for coffee, etc. Nonetheless, he says it’s the most startling-looking automobile from any angle.

“There’s another company called Ferrari that’s done this for a while, so they added another air to that where they’re comfortable inside and there’s good leather … they’ve been doing this. Ford’s new at this. This is a race car for the road,” Allen finishes.

Overall, Allen may seem mixed, but whoever bought it for a cool million is obviously a fan.

See More of Tim Allen’s Impressive Car Collection

The 2017 Ford GT Tim Allen displayed in his video was only the first part of his impressive collection. He actually has another and happily gives a tour of the rest of his garage.

With a net worth of more than $100 million, it’s safe to say Allen has some extra spending money to splurge on nice cars. As he guides us through his celebrity garage, eagle-eyed viewers will likely spot props and items from shows and movies he’s done. The most obvious is the giant “Home Improvement” sign he kindly points out in the thumbnail.

Perhaps he’s been watching American Pickers, as some of his cars he classifies as “barn finds.” A handful of the cars include a Ford Falcon CJ, Nova Custom, Camaro Restomod, and a 1950 Caddy. Allen’s collection is as vast as it is impressive, with him providing interesting facts, such as the older ones mainly being for show.

He mentions wanting a warship at some point too. I don’t think so, Tim.