Tim Allen Sends ‘Blessings’ to ‘All Brave Warriors’ Amid Afghanistan Controversy

by Joe Rutland

“Last Man Standing” and “Home Improvement” star Tim Allen took to Twitter on Saturday to send a message of support for the U.S. military.

Allen, who is coming off the final season of “Last Man Standing” on Fox, expressed his thoughts toward U.S. soldiers amid the controversy surrounding their departure from Afghanistan.

Take a look at this message from Tim Allen.

Allen recently headed back out on the standup comedy trail after what he called “this odd year in the house.”

Last Sunday, Tim Allen posted a picture from the stage of the Opera House in Traverse City, Mich. He performed his stand-up comedy show to sold-out crowds there two nights in a row.

Being in Michigan is nothing new to the comedian and actor. He went to college in the state and also has a home there, too.

Tim Allen Moving Ahead Despite ‘Last Man Standing’ Cancellation

Obviously, when you have worked on a show as long as he did on “Last Man Standing”, seeing it canceled hurts.

Tim Allen finished nine seasons, six on ABC and three on Fox, as Mike Baxter. Saying farewell to the show, which wrapped up last May, wasn’t easy for him to do.

He told Fox News that going to the set and counting down days to the last scene was “horrible.” Yet Allen posted photos and video clips on Twitter through the show’s final sojourn.

In June, Tim Allen was counting his blessings, tweeting, “What a year. Today my family and I reminded each other we were inside this time last year and the area we live in was deserted except for a little ice cream store.”

Comedian Remembered ‘Home Improvement’ Co-Star Earlier In 2021

In July 2021, Tim Allen took to Twitter where he remembered the late “Home Improvement” co-star and friend Earl Hindman.

Hindman, who died in 2003, played Wilson, Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s next-door neighbor on the ABC sitcom.

Many scenes within the show would find Taylor at his neighbor’s fence where Wilson would only be seen behind that fence. His full face was always covered up by the white picket fence, but that didn’t stop them from chatting it up.

“Wilson W. Wilson” was his neighbor’s name and he often offered Taylor advice when the chats turned serious. Both Allen and Hindman became good friends beyond the show’s set.

Beyond getting back out on the stand-up comedy circuit, Allen stays busy with The History Channel reality competition show “Assembly Required”. Allen co-stars with “Home Improvement” co-star Richard Karn, who plays Al Borland.

Tim Allen also stays busy on social media, too, sharing his thoughts and pictures from his life. He’s on Twitter a lot so keep an eye out for new “tweets” from him. Allen also lets his fans know where he’s going to be appearing, too.