Tim Allen Sends Post-Christmas Message About Gratitude

by Clayton Edwards

On the day after Christmas, Tim Allen shared a simple but important message of gratitude with his fans on Twitter. The “Santa Clause” star said that he continues to be grateful for the life he has made for himself. It is such a timely and important message. You hear so much about being thankful from November to late December.

After the major holidays are over, all of the messages of gratitude tend to fade away. They are replaced by a looking forward to and wanting more from the coming year.

Tim Allen has plenty to be thankful for no matter what time of year it is. He has had a long and successful career. Several of his roles have become iconic and his fanbase is large as well as diverse. Before becoming both Buzz Lightyear and Santa, though, Allen had some hard times and lucky breaks.

Tim Allen’s Long Road to Gratitude

What comes to mind when you think of Tim Allen? For some, he’s the best movie Santa. For others, he’ll always be the heroic space ranger Buzz Lightyear. Other fans will know him from his television career as either Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor or, more recently, Mike Baxter. Things weren’t always so great for Allen. At one point, he was looking at life in prison.

It was 1978 and Tim Allen was three years into a fairly successful stand-up comedy career. Allen was apprehended at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport. He was carrying nearly a pound-and-a-half of cocaine. He was charged with felony drug trafficking and the possible penalty for that crime was life in federal prison.

To avoid the life sentence, Tim Allen took a plea deal. He was able to plead guilty to the charge of drug trafficking and give up the names of other dealers in the area in order to receive a lesser term. He ended up only doing just over two years in federal prison.

In 1981, Tim Allen made parole and moved to Los Angeles. He became a regular at The Comedy Store, one of LA’s most famous comedy clubs. His stand-up career gained momentum and he soon started his acting career.

Ten years after getting out of prison, the first of his iconic roles was born. In 1991, a nationwide television audience was introduced to Tim Taylor. From there, Tim Allen would continue to land a variety of roles.

Almost forty years after his release, he is still grateful to be living the life that he has made for himself.