Tim Allen Shares His Response to Tyler Perry’s Oscars’ Speech

by Suzanne Halliburton

Count Tim Allen among the many celebrities and regular Americans who applauded Tyler Perry and his message of unity from Sunday night’s Academy Awards. Stand in the middle, Perry preached. And refuse to hate.

Allen posted on his Twitter account, Tuesday:

“What came out of my mouth was a grateful “yea baby” at @TylerPerry ’s speech at the academy awards. Very impressive sir.”

Tyler Perry, the actor/director/director/producer/activist, didn’t win an Oscar for a movie he made. Rather, the Academy Awards honored Perry with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

What Tim Allen, who often brings up unity, and other Tyler Perry fans loved about the speech was its message against hate. Perry quoted his mother as he opened the speech.

“She taught me to refuse hate and blanket judgment,” Perry said.

Then ne brought up what he thinks is making our culture so toxic.

“In this time, with all of the internet and social media and algorithms that want us to think a certain way (in the) the 24-hour news cycle,” Perry said. “It’s my hope that we teach our kids, refuse hate. Don’t hate anybody.

“I refuse to hate someone because they’re Mexican or because they are black or white. Or LGBTQ. I refuse to hate someone because they’re a police officer or because they’re Asian. I would hope we would refuse hit hate. And I want to take this humanitarian award and dedicate it to anyone who wants to stand in the middle. Because that’s where healing, where conversation, where change happens. It happens in the middle. Anyone who wants to meet me in the middle to refuse hate and blanket judgment, this one is for you, too.”

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Tim Allen’s Political Views

Tyler Perry is a loud Democrat. The self-made billionaire donates to Democratic candidates, including President Joe Biden. Tim Allen leans conservative. That’s evident in the dialogue of his show, Last Man Standing. And, Allen is frank when he discusses his politics.

Back in early January, Tim Allen said:

“I’m a fiscally conservative and an emotionally liberal guy,” Allen said. “I want people taken care of on the social side. I think most people are like that. If you think the government can handle stuff, just look at the rollout of this vaccine.”

And Tim Allen has decried the bleeding of politics into news stories.

“Let’s bring journalism back,” Tim Allen said. “I want the guys with the pencil behind their ear and go out and get the story. I miss reporters that were annoying and just asked questions, asked questions, asked questions — not (gave) their opinion. Go look at local news. If they say there’s a fire in Burbank, that’s news. The reporter is not telling you, ‘It’s a remarkable fire caused by stupid people of this (political) party.'”

Meanwhile, Tim Allen and his show are readying for the Last Man Standing series finale. It’s set for May 20.