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Tim Allen Shares Thanksgiving Message to ‘All Who Have Endured This Year’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for Backstage Creations

While he may be known for starring in Christmas movies, Tim Allen wants to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. He shared a message of hope for those who had hardships in 2020.

On Twitter, the “Last Man Standing” actor wrote, “Wishing a wonderful, grateful, and memorable day to all who have endured this year. We will be stronger because of this, together. Happy Thanksgiving!”

A few days before Thanksgiving, Allen reflected on COVID-19 and the pandemic. He expressed sympathy for everyone affected and also called for peace between political party lines.

“My new mask is how I feel,” he tweeted. “Angry for those who died. Worried for the sick. Sad for those in fear. Exhausted by homeschooling. Hopeful for those not working. Grateful to those taking care of us. Missing Thanksgiving with family. The enemy is not each other.”

Tim Allen Drew Controversy For Tweets He Sent

The actor’s wholesome post of togetherness comes after he drew controversy on Twitter. Allen is politically conservative and took issue with progressive policies he labeled communist. In response, the actor tweeted a quote from Karl Marx, the founder of communism. He also misspelled Marx’s name, drawing further ridicule.

Allen’s attempts to smooth over the situation backfired as well. One of Allen’s tweets made the actor seem as if he was pro-child labor.

Allen has been busy working on the final season of “Last Man Standing,” which premieres in January 2021.