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Tim Allen Shares Thought-Provoking Post About Telling People What to Say, Think

by Katie Maloney
(Randy Holmes via Getty Images)

Everyone’s favorite sitcom dad, Tim Allen, offers some thought-provoking insight on Twitter.

The past year has had many of us wondering, “What is happening?” And the current events don’t have us feeling any more confident. While social media may not be the most effective platform for broadcasting political views or trying to make change, it is refreshing to see a celebrity attempt to weigh in on current events without aggressively asserting his opinions. It appears that Allen was attempting to do just when he took to Twitter to share a thought.

Allen writes, “One wonders if these days there is a move not just to tell people what they should say but what they should think.”

How Are People Responding to Tim Allen’s Thought?

With over 4,000 likes 732 retweets in under a half-hour, it seems that the internet is responding well to Allen’s share. One commenter writes, “100% with you Tim.” While another fan replies, “I’m a brand-new conservative. In my 30 years as a liberal, I NEVER encountered any hate coming from the other side. None! Now… like all the others, lost friends, family, all because of how I voted. I have the wrong thoughts and they don’t fit into the accepted ideology.”

However, not everyone is responding well to Allen’s tweet. One commenter writes, “Nobody who loves this country should “think” that what happened last week is ok. Just saying.” Another account replies, “Literally no one wonders that.”

Other fans disregard the topic entirely and, instead, shoot their shot for their favorite television show. One commenter writes, “Reboot Home Improvement!!”

Although his account has traditionally been associated only with humorous tweets and show updates, Allen has gradually started to reveal his political leanings and opinions. On a recent Tweet, Tim Allen asks, “Plato argued powerfully in favor of the objectivity of values such as truth, good, and beauty. Objective values are those that lie outside of the individual and are not dependent upon her/his perception or belief. Where do you stand?”