Tim Allen Takes a ‘Mid-Week Break’ With Update on His Crown Vic Restoration Project

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary actor and comedian Tim Allen has a real passion for restoring classic cars and a garage full of unique vehicles.

Tim Allen has found himself with a lot of free time as of late as he’s “in-between” shows at the moments. His hit comedy series “Last Man Standing” bid farewell to fans just earlier this year a nine-year run. His newest show, the History Channel’s “Assembly Required” also completed its first season earlier this year. The reality competition show has not yet gotten the thumbs up on a second season from the History Channel. Tim Allen fans certainly hope the network decides to renew the popular series for another season.

With his extensive downtime, Tim Allen is back to working on his favorite hobby — restoring older vehicles. His latest project, he lovingly calls “The Vik,” has Allen bringing a real beauty, a Crown Victoria, back to life. As he often does, the former “Home Improvement” star took a break from the action to provide a status update on social media. He tweeted the latest on the big project just yesterday. It is safe to say that real progress is being made on the classic car and Allen will soon be the man behind the wheel.

“Who doesn’t need a mid-week break?” Allen says in his social media post.

Tim Allen has been documenting the project via video since the very first day he got started. This most recent video update shows Allen’s team working on the interior of the classic vehicle. It is clear to see from the video that big-time progress is being made toward the finish line. Allen isn’t seen in the nearly eight-minute video but he is known to get hands-on with his restoration efforts.

Tim Allen Updates Restoration Project

The project is a custom build of the Crown Victoria and has seen its share of ups and downs. In an update video shared earlier this year, one of the mechanics said the project has hit something of a snag. Never fear though as the mechanic confidently says they will have the Vik back on the right track.

“I have to remove the whole pedal, brake pedal and clutch pedal – assembly again and I gotta rework it,” the mechanic says.

The dedicated crew were indeed able to get back on course and the classic car is well on its way to hitting the road again. It is far from the first classic car project Tim Allen has taken on. He has a garage full of older models that practically anyone would be jealous of.

Fans are excited to see what the future holds for Tim Allen with “Last Man Standing” coming to an end. “Assembly Required” reunited Allen with his former “Home Improvement” co-star Richard Karn. The hope among Tim Allens fans is that the show sticks around for a while.