Tim Allen Tells Hysterical Story About Friend With Mild Case of COVID-19

by Quentin Blount

Comedy star Tim Allen took to social media on Tuesday to share a hilarious story with his followers about one of his friends with a mild case of COVID-19.

The lead actor in Last Man Standing is frequently active on Twitter and that was the case yet again on Tuesday evening. Allen told a story about one of his old college friends who told him has wife “got the virus.”

“Old college buddy texted he and his wife got the virus, thankfully mild cases and doing better,” Allen wrote on Twitter. “I asked him if I can get the virus from his text, he actually said he would call his doctor and put gloves on…”

Many of Allen’s fans and followers sent their good wishes to his friend’s wife. On the other hand, many others followed suit and sent replies to his hysterical story with their own jokes.

Austin Claeys (@BigArnie1) wrote, “Or through the headset! Better but on a hazmat helmet!”

Bruce (brewtoyoutoo) wrote, “Now I’m infected by reading this tweet.”

Jay (@RJ1053) says, “99.97% chance your buddy is fine.”

By all accounts, it’s clear that Allen and his buddy have a great sense of humor. We hope his wife has a quick and easy recovery.

Tim Allen Preparing for Final Season of Last Man Standing

The final season of the Tim Allen hit TV show Last Man Standing is right around the corner.

However, fans of the popular Fox sitcom might be confused as the show isn’t picking up where it left off. The ninth and final season will feature a time jump to the year 2023. But producers are letting slip how the Baxter family managed in 2020 and the challenges that lay ahead.

Producers of the show say they wanted to avoid having to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and awful events of 2020.

“People are depressed enough without having to look for us to be depressed,” executive producer Kevin Abbott said. “[The time jump] allowed us to tell stories from a positive point of view while addressing the impact [the pandemic has had] on our characters. They all change in a way.”

The Last Man Standing season premiere is currently set for Sunday Jan. 3 at 9:30 p.m. EST.

Last week, Fox released a pair of sneak peeks of upcoming episodes. The clips are both a taste of what’s to come as well as a reminder of what has made the show so popular for the last 8 seasons. Take a look at the sneak peeks here.

You can also stream full episodes of the show on the Fox website.