Tim Allen Tells Hysterical Story About Taking Daughter’s Puppy to the Vet: ‘Context Is Everything’

by John Jamison

The “Last Man Standing” star had a hilarious moment at the vet’s office recently. Tim Allen got his youngest daughter a puppy for her birthday. That’s awesome. What could go wrong? Well, a miscommunication regarding the context of “stool” led to what was probably a very confused receptionist.

In a Tweet from earlier this morning, Tim Allen of “Home Improvement” fame described how it all went down. Pretty impressive that he was able to fit the whole story into 280 characters.

“Context is everything. I got my youngest our first puppy for her birthday. Yesterday she said the vet called wanted me to bring the puppy in. ‘And bring a stool sample.’ Weird but ok. I handed everything to reception and got a strange look. “Oh, you meant a sample from the puppy,'” Allen wrote in the Tweet.

The story speaks for itself, and it’s just plain funny stuff. Although we’re left wondering… did he bring an entire stool as a sample? Tim Allen walking around the vet’s office with his own personal stool under his arm is just a hilarious image. No doubt prompting onlookers to think something along the lines of: “Why are actors so strange?”

Or the alternative. Did he shave off a sliver of stool to bring along? Which is an equally hysterical thought. Imagine Tim Allen in his workshop, shaving off a sliver of wooden stool with surgical precision, dropping the sample carefully into a test tube, anticipating spectrometer analysis at the vet. What any of it has to do with his daughter’s new puppy? He has no idea. But what he does know is that he’ll be prepared with stool in some form.

Is Tim Allen Dropping a Hilarious Joke or an Actual Story?

Are we examining this tweet far too deeply? Probably. But to be fair, as Tim Allen himself says, context is everything.

So let’s look at the context. Tim Allen is one of the funniest guys to ever appear in a number of legendary TV shows and movies. He starred in shows like “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing.” Not to mention, he’s appeared in comedy classics like the “Toy Story” movies, the “Santa Clause” movies, and “Galaxy Quest.”

Given that, we are probably leaning towards thinking Tim Allen just cracked a legendary joke on his Twitter followers. However, we all probably prefer to think that this actually happened.