Tim McGraw Remembers Oscars With ‘Most Beautiful Girl’ Faith Hill Ahead of 2022 Academy Awards

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

With the 94th Academy Awards set to take place on Sunday (March 27th), 1883 star and country music icon Tim McGraw took to his Instagram account to share an Oscar throwback snapshot. 

“Oscar throwback with the most beautiful girl in the world,” Tim McGraw declares in the post, which features a snapshot of him alongside his wife and 1883 co-star Faith Hill at the 87th annual Oscars in 2015. During the event, McGraw took to the stage to perform Glen Campbell’s I’m Not Gonna Miss You. The track was featured in the documentary Glen Campbell, I’ll be Me. The documentary followed the country singer’s finale tour as well as his battle with Alzheimer’s disease. 

McGraw performed the song for Campbell because he was unable to sing it himself. The country singer’s wife and children were watching from their seats at the Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre. 

Co-writer of the song and producer, Julian Raymond spoke to Rolling Stone Country about the track being nominated for the award. He also described the track as being a bittersweet love song that gives a silver lining to the memory loss that comes with Campbell’s illness. “It’s a cliché thing to say, but I’m just so happy to be nominated, for him and his family. I feel just so happy that this whole thing is creating a brand-new legacy for him. And getting some of those great old songs heard. As we joke, he’s lived a thousand lifetimes. He’s amazing in so many ways.” 

Tim McGraw Speaks on the Ability to Pick Emotional Songs 

During a recent interview with BMLG, Tim McGraw spoke about how he has the ability to pick songs with such emotion. “Everybody finds emotions in different ways. I mean there are a lot of great artists who had great lives growin’ up. And they can make you feel anything you wanna feel. They’re fantastic.”

Tim McGraw further explains that for him, emotional songs come from a “piece” of his soul. “Every time I sing a song, I feel like I’m tearing out a piece of my soul. And I want it to feel that way. I don’t want to try over-sing anything because I’m just not that kind of singer. I just try to tell you have I feel.”

The country singer and songwriter also goes on to reveal what he has learned through loving music and listening to the radio a lot. “You can tell somebody how you feel, but when you can tell somebody how they feel, and they didn’t know they felt that way until they heard it in a song or they felt it, I think that’s when there’s something really special. And I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve had some really great songs in my career that have allowed me to find that emotional well.”