Tim McGraw Reveals What He’s Looking for in Opening Acts While Touring

by TK Sanders
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Superstar country music recording artist and 1883 actor Tim McGraw wants his fans to arrive early enough to his concerts to also catch his “super talented” opening acts. McGraw recently hit the road for a summer tour after seven years away from live music, and he brought up-and-coming artists Brandon Davis, Alexandra Kay, and Russell Dickerson along for the ride. The “Live Like You Were Dying” singer urged his fans to enjoy short sets from all three openers via a released record label statement.

“I always want people out there who are gonna push me and people I learn from,” McGraw said in the statement, reported by WPOC. “Every opening act I’ve ever had, I’ve always learned something from ‘em. And I think when you stop learning from other artists, then you should probably hang it up.

“There’s so many people out there I learn from, from the newest artist out there to some of the artists that have been around for a long time. You know, I look for somebody that’s gonna certainly get the crowd goin’ and somebody who’s gonna bring their ‘A’ game every time that they perform, because that elevates me.”

McGraw then said that his openers all possess an inner light that will resonate on stage for the fans.

“Well first, you’ve gotta come see ‘em [tour openers] because they’re just super talented,” the statement continued. “They have such an inner light to ‘em. And I think that’s gonna resonate on the stage. I think that’s even gonna come out more when they get in front of a big crowd; in front of a lot of people on a big stage. And I think that’s gonna be something that you’re not gonna wanna miss because I think that they’re gonna have a big career ahead of ‘em.”

Tim McGraw said bringing along one of his opening acts, Alexandra Kay, is a “rewarding” opportunity

According to McGraw’s team, Alexandra Kay received her “big break” thanks to some online videos of her singing that she posted during the pandemic. McGraw said he jumped at the “rewarding” opportunity to bring the young talent on tour.

“It was pretty cool running across Alexandra and (TikTok star) Brandon Davis,” McGraw explained. “During  COVID-19, artists didn’t get a chance to get their music out. They were doing cool, innovative ways of getting music out there and getting themselves known.

“For me, it’s always cool when you take someone who has never been on a big tour before. You get to watch as they step out on stage in front of 30,000 people and feel that energy. Seeing their faces as they’re walking off the stage is so rewarding to me. I remember that feeling when I was a young artist.”