‘Titletown High’ is Getting a Lot of Comparisons to ‘Friday Night Lights’: Here’s Why

by Chris Haney

Netflix just released its newest sports docuseries Titletown High on August 27, and it’s already drawing comparisons to another famous football television series.

Titletown High follows the Valdosta Georgia Wildcats high school football team. Valdosta has the winningest football team in high school history with 24 state championships. In addition, they’ve earned six national championships and have won a total of 932 games – the most in high school football history.

However, it isn’t just their on-field success that is garnering comparisons to NBC’s classic series Friday Night Lights. There’s plenty of drama surrounding the high school football program as well. The docuseries will cover the relationships and personalities of the football players, coaching staff, their families, and the local community. The series will also focus on the team’s controversial head coach, Rush Propst.

Propst was the head coach of the Hoover High Buccaneers football team, which was the main focus of the popular MTV series Two-A-Days. It’s the second time his team has been featured in a docuseries, but his tenure was short-lived at Valdosta. As the Netflix series synopsis notes, the school relieved Propst of his duties this spring. Allegedly the head coach recruited players and solicited money to cover their living expenses.

The on-field and off-field drama plays out for all to see within the new Netflix series. Yet many fans of the show have highlighted that Titletown High is basically Friday Night Lights in real life.

‘Titletown High’ Fans Compare Docuseries to Real Life ‘Friday Night Lights’

While many fans are making comparisons between the television drama Friday Night Lights and the docuseries Titletown High, some are pointing out that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The high school football drama series aired on NBC from 2006 to 2011. The show was a critical success and earned a Peabody Award while also being nominated for numerous Emmy Awards. Fans got attached to the small-town high school football team, which was used as a backdrop to address larger societal issues within American culture. Now, fans of Titletown High are getting the same vibe from the new docuseries.

“Not sure exactly what this ‘Titletown High’ is. But if it’s giving off ‘Friday Night Lights’ I’m involved,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“I was gonna watch Friday Night Lights,” another Netflix user tweeted. “But imma check out this new football show on Netflix called Titletown High.”

Other Friday Night Lights fans have begun to watch the new docuseries as well. After an episode or two, they’re already invested in the team and the storylines.

The comparisons are clear to see, so it’s no surprise fans are referencing the two shows together. There may not be any more Friday Night Lights episodes coming out these days, but the new Netflix series may tide fans over.

“Titletown High is basically the real life version of Friday Night Lights with all this damn drama,” a fan tweeted.

It’s hard to disagree. At worst, the new series should fill the void temporarily for Friday Night Lights fans.