Tom Brady Drops Epic Video Recapping the ‘Incredible Journey’ of His Career

by Liz Holland

Tom Brady shared a powerful clip on Twitter Thursday morning, recapping the “incredible journey” of his 22 season career. Brady announced his retirement from the NFL on Tuesday.

“I played for the name on the front of my jersey and the name on the back of my jersey,” the star wrote.

“I played for my friends, my family & our community. [For] every single one of you – that have given me what I have today, I love you all. Thank you ALL for making this incredible journey possible.”

The 60-second clip features a heartfelt speech from Brady himself. “Nothing in this “sport can be accomplished without incredible teammates and coaches,” Brady says in the video. Y’know, I’ve just been blessed for 22 years to be with some amazing people… It’s been my home for 20 years. I had the best memories, my kids were born here. I’ll be part of this community for a long time.”

Tom Brady Achieved Impressive Feats Throughout His NFL Career

The New England Patriots selected Tom Brady as the No. 199 pick in the 2000 NFL Draft. The Patriots already had a quarterback, Drew Bledsoe. However, when he suffered a career-altering injury, Brady took his place. He went on to lead the Patriots to the Super Bowl in the 2001 season. Brady earned 7 Super Bowl rings throughout his career. Six of those wins were with the New England Patriots. His most recent Super Bowl win was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021. 

In addition to playing for 22 seasons and winning 7 Super Bowls, Brady also achieved an impressive 84,520 passing yards. This sets the record for the most in the league’s history. He played every team in the NFL at least once, with a .500 or better career record in the regular season against all of them except for two. He even faced his former team, the New England Patriots, after joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers won. He holds a 35-12 post-season record. He maintained a .500 or better against 18 teams out of the 20 he went up against in playoffs. The exceptions were the Denver Broncos and the New York Giants. 

Upon hearing the news of Brady’s retirement, the Chief Executive Officer of the New England Patriots, issued a statement

Robert Kraft Releases Statement on Brady’s Retirement

“Words cannot describe the feelings I have for Tom Brady, nor adequately express the gratitude my family, the New England Patriots and our fans have for Tom and all he did during his career. A generation of football fans have grown up knowing only an NFL in which Tom Brady dominated,” Kraft said in his statement. “He retires with nearly every NFL career passing record, yet the only one that ever mattered to him was the team’s win-loss record. 

He later added, “In a team sport like football, it is rare to see an individual have such a dominant impact on a team’s success. You didn’t have to be a Patriot’s fan to respect and appreciate his competitiveness, determination and will to win that fueled his success. As a fan of football, it was a privilege to watch. As a Patriots fan, it was a dream come true.”

Kraft shared that he has great personal respect for Tom Brady and always will. Brady played with the Patriots for 20 of his 22 seasons as a professional quarterback.