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Tom Cruise and Danny Glover Are a Home Run for Fans at Dodgers-Giants Game

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Neil Mockford/GC Images

Attending the recent Dodgers and Giants game wasn’t an impossible mission for Hollywood action movie star Tom Cruise.

The “Mission: Impossible” actor made a popular appearance at the game. Also in attendance was Danny Glover. He is most known for his movie roles like “Lethal Weapon,” “The Color Purple,” and “Angels in the Outfield.”

Tom Cruise and Danny Grover at Baseball Game

While the two of them weren’t out in the outfield, they were catching a lot of fans’ attention at the game. The two of them eventually posed for pictures together as well. Several social media users posted photos of the two stars standing shoulder-to-shoulder posing for a picture.

Tom Cruise was also at Oracle Park with his son, Connor. It was an exciting way to watch Game 2 of the National League Division Series.

It didn’t take long before Cruise was recognized by crowds. Instead of trying to stay undercover, he embraced the attention. He could be seen chanting and posing for pictures with fans.

Also, whoever was in control of the music and the jumbotron most definitely deserves a raise. When his face popped up on the screen at the stadium, “Danger Zone” quickly started to play as well.

Tom Cruise may have been chanting and hollering, but for which team, it’s unclear. It’s not something he’s willing to share, apparently. According to Entertainment Weekly, a Giants reporter named Amy Gutierrez spoke with Tom Cruise at the game. She tweeted that he wouldn’t say who he was rooting for, only saying “I’m a fan of baseball.”

It’s a pretty smart way to keep everyone at the game on his team. He’d hate to alienate and create divisions between Dodgers and Giants fans.

If he was there secretly cheering on the Giants, he may have had a less than stellar day. The team lost 9-2 against the Dodgers. The two teams will face each other again on Monday in Los Angeles. However, the “Top Gun” star will likely have time to attend a second game.

Cruise Keeping Busy

It’s no secret the Hollywood star has been keeping himself busy, even during part of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic when things were shut down. Although we haven’t gotten to see him on the screen, Cruise is working on several projects.

“Top Gun: Maverick” is coming out on May 27, 2022. It was first going to be released on November 19. Meanwhile, “Mission: Impossible 7” is going to come out on September 30, 2022.

Right after the seventh movie in the franchise, Cruise will get to work on “Mission: Impossible 8.”

Tom Cruise hit several roadblocks during his mission to entertain the public. He had to pause filming in June after people on set tested positive for the virus. Cruise was in the headlines after angrily addressing the cast and crew of the movie for not following guidelines in place to keep people safe and ensure filming goes smoothly.