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Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission: Impossible 8’ Forced to Shut Down Production After Run-in With Flock of Sheep

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

Some drama occurred earlier this week on the set of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible 8 when the production was forced to shut down due to a run-in with a flock of sleep.

According to Fox News, the incident happened when Tom Cruise and the rest of the Mission: Impossible 8 cast and crew encounter the flock of sleep. The production is in the Lake District of England. Cruise was seen admiring the large flock as it passed through. The actor had played Ethan Hunt in the film franchise. Also while on set, Cruise was seen mid-air attached to a blue parachute while filming a scene. 

Along with his run-in with the flock of sheep, Tom Cruise also had a run-in with Lake District vacationers recently. One couple shared they were walking their pup and stumbled up the Mission: Impossible 8 set. The couple was able to get a picture with Cruise. “He was nice and polite and really humble,” the couple shared. “Tom Cruise apologized for the noise of the helicopters and asked if we were alright.” 

The couple further explained that Cruise was making sure everyone who wanted to got their photos with him as well. “We were the last ones to get his picture and then he just paraglided off the mountain back to his camp next to Buttermere. I have seen a few of the Mission: Impossible films but haven’t really watched many of his others – but I will now.” 

Tom Cruise previously wrapped up Mission: Impossible 7, which will be released on July 14, 2023. The following film will premiere in the summer of 2024. 

Tom Cruise Says ‘Mission: Impossible’ Changed His Mind About Sequels 

While speaking to director Christopher McQuarrie in May 2021, Tom Cruise opened up about how the Mission: Impossible franchise changed his mind about making sequels. 

“It’s a challenge for me,” Tom Cruise said about making the sequels. “It’s a logistical challenge, it’s an artistic challenge. We’re working on the highest level actually because you have practical action. And how do we develop these stories, how do we develop these characters? What is the dialogue going to be with the audience? I make movies for audiences so I want to know what is their response going to be? How can I improve it, how can I make it better? How will the stories evolve? And then I kind of came up with the idea of different directors for each one.”

Tom Cruise’s first Mission: Impossible first premiered in 1996. The franchise has seen created exciting and wildly popular sequels throughout the years. The current six films have secured $3.75 billion total at the box office. The upcoming seventh and eighth films are notably to be adapted into two feature-length parts of Dead Reckoning.