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Tom Hanks Awkwardly Crashes Wedding But Saves it Because He’s Tom Hanks

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by David Crane/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images)

There are few people in this world who could walk into any event, crash it, and do it successfully. Tom Hanks is easily one of those people. For one couple in Santa Monica, they got a wedding surprise they will remember for life.

Imagine you are getting ready to have the biggest moment of your life. As you get ready to say your vows and marry the love of your life…Tom Hanks shows up? Things didn’t completely start smoothly. When Hanks got to the event, he asked, “where’s the groom?”

The only problem is that Tashia and Diciembre are both women. The same-sex wedding party took the comment in stride while Hanks reacted, embarrassed. Once he had realized the slip-up he had made, he said, “Oh get out, my stock just exploded!” Then the legendary actor got a photograph with the newlywed Farries couple.

Diciembre and Tashia had such a beautiful ceremony, that the actor just couldn’t help but approach the couple afterward. While wedding guests explained to young children in attendance who the actor was, he snapped photos with the happy couple.

“He said, ‘I saw the ceremony from back there and it had to be one of the most beautiful ceremonies that I’ve ever seen,'” Tashia said about Hanks’ reactions. If things didn’t seem like a fairytale for the newlyweds, another revelation came to light.

Apparently, Tom Hanks shares a birthday with Diciembre’s late brother. There was a special seat reserved just for his memory and the topic came up. “It was meant [to be],” she said about the actor showing up. What a cool moment.

Tom Hanks Inspired Ron Howard on Memoir

Ron Howard and his brother Curtis are putting out a memoir on their lives. The Boys is going to detail a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff for the former child star and his brother. While he had been thinking about writing the book for a while, Howard says that Tom Hanks gave him the inspiration to get things started.

Howard talked about that conversation he had with his friend, Hanks.

“I’d even talked to my friend Tom Hanks about it, he said, ‘Sure you’ve had a fascinating life, but if you ever do write about it, I would focus on your childhood.’ That’s because whenever we’re sitting around on the set, those are the stories he wanted to hear about. He asked the same question so many people have asked me all my life, which is, ‘What was it like to grow up on television?'”

For the former The Andy Griffith Show star, that is probably a question he gets almost every day of his life. Almost everyone knows Ron Howard, whether they know it or not. Howard has an answer to that question.

“To answer the Tom Hanks question – what was it like growing up on television. It was all about being Rance and Jean Howard’s kids.”