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Tom Hanks Launches Coffee Line With All Profits Going to Veterans & Their Families

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Gareth Cattermole / Staff

Tom Hanks is venturing into the coffee world. Recently, the Academy Award-winning actor announced he’s launching a new coffee line with 100% of the proceeds going to our veterans and their families.  

The new coffee line, Hanx for Our Troops, will seek to honor the patriotism and dedicated service of our veterans and their loved ones. 

“We saw HANX as a way to support Veterans and military families, as 100% of the profits go to organizations that have proven to be of great aid to those who have served our country,” the Saving Private Ryan actor said in a statement. “Good products, for good reason.”

The website also goes into more detail about the company’s mission. “Beyond our operational upkeep and necessary business expenses, all earnings (profits) will go towards a community of trusted organizations that provide support to Veterans and their families,” the mission reads.

In the past, Hanks garnered worldwide notoriety and fame for portraying real-life veterans in films. He also co-produced the acclaimed WWII series, “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific.” For his work highlighting veterans, he was awarded France’s Legion d’Honneur in 2016 for showcasing WWII. 

Tom Hanks seeks to highlight veteran-owned brands with his new coffee line

In addition, Tom Hanks’ new coffee line also seeks to uplift other veteran-owned companies. On the Hanx website, users can click on a section called “Band of Brands,” which showcases real-world interviews with veterans from all different military branches about their experience serving our nation. 

“In creating Hanx, we’ve had the honor of connecting with incredible individuals from the veteran community,” the website describes. “We thought you should hear their stories firsthand.” 

Beginning this month, those interested can get Hanks’ new coffee in grounds, pods, and sticks. It also boasts three different flavors: Tom’s Morning Magic Blend, Sgt. Peppermint and First Class Joe. 

“The malt is the kicker!” the actor said about Tom’s Morning Magic Blend. “You’ll set your alarm early to savor this mystical elixir.”

In addition, he refers to Sgt. Peppermint as a “holiday in a cup” and a “seasonal flavor you can enjoy year-round.” He adds that First Class Joe is for coffee lovers for those who want to “savor the classic cup.” 

“How to describe the hints of brown sugar and toasted almonds that come in First Class Joe?” Hanks writes. “Oh, here’s how: Damn good coffee!” 

Although it seems like nearly every celebrity lately is dropping their own tequila or wine brand, Hanks’ new product appears to have a deeper meaning as it seeks to help those who gave so much for us. 

Prices for Hanx coffee range from $16 per bag to $75 per 100-count coffee pods or sticks.