Tom Hank’s ‘Turner & Hooch’ Gets a Reboot: Disney+ Releases First Look

by Emily Morgan

From shows like “Wandavison” to “The Mandalorian,” Disney+ has been commandeering eyeballs since its inception in 2019. Recently, the platform announced that it was reviving a family-favorite Disney movie from 1989: Turner & Hooch. 

However, the revamp will look somewhat different from the original. For starters, Disney+ will unveil the reboot as a series instead of a film. In a new promo for the platform, Disney+ revealed a few seconds of footage of the upcoming show.

First, they show footage from the original movie is shown, followed by a shot of Scott Turner Jr. (the son of Hanks’ character) petting Hooch. While it’s a short clip, it makes us think that the platform wants to honor the legacy of the original film.

Moreso, Disney+ also published a tweet that gave fans got a glimpse of what’s to come. In the picture, fans see Josh Peck, not Tom Hanks, standing in the frame alongside the massive French Mastiff. Disney+ added that the series is set to premiere on July 16. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the original plot, U.S. Marshall Scott Turner inherits a massive and misbehave dog named Hooch, who becomes Turner’s parent. Together, Hooch and Turner, alongside the rest of the cast, discover that Tuner’s father’s untimely death may not have been accidental.

Josh Peck to Star in ‘Turner & Hooch’ Reboot

Peck, a former Nickelodeon child star, will take on Tom Hanks’ former role. Fans remember him best from his work on the Nickelodeon series “Drake and Josh” and “The Amanda Show,” as well as movies like Snow Day and Disney’s Max Keeble’s Big Move

In addition to Peck, the new “Turner & Hooch” will feature Lyndsy Fonseca, Carra Patterson, Vanessa Lengies, and Anthony Ruivivar. Matt Nix acts as the show’s creator. He was behind hit shows like “Burn Notice” and “The Gifted.” In addition, the famed director, McG, will take the lead on the first episode.

If you are not currently subscribed to Disney+, you can do so here. While the “Turner & Hooch” reboot won’t premiere until July, the original movie is already streaming there, in addition to other Disney classics.

In the original movie, Hooch’s real name was Beasley and had a stunt double. Clint Rowe trained the dogs, and he even has a brief appearance in the film as an ASPCA officer. Sadly, Beasley passed away in 1992 at 14. 

For years a rumor circulated that Henry Winkler, the original director, had a falling-out with Hanks while filming — which was later confirmed by Ron Howard. As a result, production had to switch Winkler out with another director. 

Production fired Winkler thirteen days into the production by a studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg. Winkler said, “Let’s just say I got along better with Hooch than I did with Turner,” after the news broke.