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Tom Selleck Classic ‘Three Men and a Baby’ Premieres in Theaters Today in 1987

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Paul Zimmerman/WireImage)

Comedy classic “Three Men and a Baby” hit theaters 34 years ago today. Let’s look back at the Tom Selleck film.

The year is 1987. McDonald’s releases the very first Disney McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. People are reading Tiger Beat Magazine. Michael Jackson releases his iconic album “Bad.” In addition to these pop culture moments, the Tom Selleck classic “Three Men and a Baby” premieres in movie theaters all over the country. Today marks its 34th anniversary!

Starring “Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck, as well as Steve Guttenberg and Ted Dancy, “Three Men and a Baby” is a comedy smash, a remake of the French film “Three Men and a Cradle.” The film is about three bachelors taking care of a baby who is left behind by one of their ex-girlfriends. Of course, chaos ensues. To nobody’s surprise, the men have no clue how to take care of a baby. With a bit of trial and error (and a special lullaby), they find their footing and create a makeshift family.

“Three Men and a Baby” breaks records. The film becomes the biggest domestic movie of 1987, raising $240 million in box office sales worldwide. An estimated 42 million tickets are sold in America to see it. According to Variety, these numbers make it the first Walt Disney Studios movie to earn over $100 million in its initial release. While movie-goers love the film, critics give it a mixed response.

‘”‘Three Men and a Baby’ has been given a new lease on life, and an enjoyable new lease at that. Whether it deserved or required any such thing is another matter,” The New York Times writes.

Yes, the film is 34 years old now. Yet, it remains a heartwarming tale perfect for the holidays.

Tom Selleck and “Blue Bloods”

Tom Selleck is a beloved actor for all his roles. Currently, he plays Frank Reagan on “Blue Bloods.” Fans are discussing his character on social media, always looking forward to new episodes of the show. In his 11 years on the show, Selleck feels right at home on the “Blue Bloods” set. He inspires his castmates and loves the show’s writing.

“We’re character-driven,” Selleck shares with Parade. “I think it’s pretty entertaining. I have very few doubts on [executive producer] Kevin Wade’s guidance for the show. I’m just really happy. I’m really happy with the next script I’m about to go to New York to do.”

The star actor travels from L.A. to New York City to film. He says it is worth it to be a part of the series.

“I want to stay with Blue Bloods. There’s a lot of careers involved, so everybody seems to want to stay with Blue Bloods and I’m just thrilled, put it that way. “

Fans are excited to see what comes next for the television series.