Tom Selleck Once Detailed Hilariously Embarrassing Mishap with Young Star on Classic ‘Three Men and a Baby’

by Clayton Edwards

Tom Selleck might be one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. There isn’t too much he hasn’t done. Selleck has played law enforcement roles. Most notably in his recent hit series Blue Bloods and the classic Magnum, P.I. He has starred in several westerns. Tom also has a sense of humor. He played a hilarious recurring role in the hit sitcom Friends and starred in the classic comedy Three Men and a Baby.

Three Men and a Baby sees Tom Selleck teaming up with Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson. Through a surprising turn of events, the clueless trio ends up taking care of a baby. It’s a sweet film full of laughs, drug dealers, and three guys learning to be fathers. In short, it’s quite a departure for Selleck. His hit western Quigley Down Under came out that same year. However, it was a box office smash and brought home a People’s Choice award.

Raising a baby for real is full of mishaps, mistakes, and funny moments. Even if some of those moments are only funny in retrospect. Tom Selleck found out that caring for a child in a movie is no different. While promoting Three Men and a Baby, Selleck told Oprah Winfrey about one hilariously embarrassing moment with his young co-star.

Tom Selleck On His Embarrassing On-Set Moment

In one scene, Tom Selleck and Steve Guttenberg have to change the baby’s diaper. According to Selleck, the plan was for them to get the diaper on and pick the baby up. At that point, they pick the baby up and the diaper falls off. As punctuation to the scene, the baby was supposed to pee on Selleck’s character.

They had the special effects rigged up and ready to go. As soon as the diaper fell, the effects engineer would pull a lever and a hidden tube would spray liquid onto Selleck’s character’s shirt. Then, Tom Selleck said, “As they pulled it, it was much warmer than the rehearsal. The baby literally peed on me at that point in the movie.”

That wasn’t the only time that one of the pint-sized co-stars relived themselves on Tom Selleck. He goes on to say that it happened several times while shooting the film. He revealed that it also happened while taking promotional photos for the film. The photographer kept shooting. The promo still featuring Selleck’s soggy shirt is a very real and candid moment.