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Tom Selleck Trends on Social Media for Seemingly No Reason, Fans Celebrate His Awesomeness

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Hollywood and TV stars like Tom Selleck don’t need a reason to trend on social media. Apparently, some fans just want to take the time to celebrate Selleck’s awesomeness on Twitter.

Selleck started trending this afternoon, currently sitting at the No. 10 spot on Twitter’s trending list. We honestly could not tell you what sparked this moment. But we’re gonna roll with it.

First and foremost, let’s clear up that Tom Selleck is not trending because he died, as some celebrities do. We’re pretty sure Selleck’s in top-notch health condition, even at 76 years old. This one fan’s tweet put everyone’s fears to rest when they tweeted an all-clear to fans who worried for the actor’s safety.

“Tom Selleck trending. Obligatory ‘relieved Denzel’ gif,” wrote Dezmond Bailamos. Denzel’s face is all of ours when we hear that Selleck is not, in fact, dead.

Other fans used the moment to celebrate their favorite Tom Selleck roles in movies and television. Just take a look at the tweet below from Elyse.

Or there’s this fan, who remembers Selleck’s more “fatherly” roles. “Since Tom Selleck is trending, might I remind everyone of the silly, adorable Three Men and a Baby,” Miss Kellyanne wrote.

And we can’t forget his time on “Friends” either. “Since Tom Selleck is trending, I feel he was the best choice for Monica,” one fan tweeted.

But several other people on Twitter are calling out the actor for his recent appearances on AAG reverse mortgage commercials. They say the commercials are harmful and immoral, and Selleck shouldn’t be promoting them.

“Tom Selleck is rotten to the core. He’s being paid to promote reverse mortgages so seniors will ultimately lose their homes,” one Twitter user said. “Common sense tells you the older you get the less you make and the less mobile you become. How do you repay these loans when you leave your house?”

Tom Selleck Takes on Executive Producer Role for ‘Blue Bloods’ This Season

News broke from the entertainment site Cartmatt.com that Tom Selleck has officially been named an executive producer of the show. The outlet reports that the news came via a CBS press release, where the network “makes it clear” that Selleck will be listed among the executive producers.

“This promotion likely means that Selleck will have more input on the story and decisions behind-the-scenes, but don’t expect him to take on the duties of overseeing the writers room or anything of the like,” the website author wrote. “Kevin Wade remains the primary showrunner. We would expect to see Selleck’s name as an EP at some point at the start of new episodes, but other than that there shouldn’t be any onscreen changes that the average viewer would notice.”

We’ll have to see for ourselves when “Blue Bloods” returns on Friday, Oct. 1.