Tom Selleck’s Rep Addresses the ‘Blue Bloods’ Star’s Alleged Health Issues

by Jacklyn Krol

Is Tom Selleck doing alright?

After rumors that Selleck was suffering from declining health, his representative set the record straight.

The tabloid magazine The Globe dubbed the actor “tubby Tom.” They used side-by-side photos of the actor, one where he is fit and the other where he is of average build. Gossip Cop pointed out that the shirtless image was taken roughly 40 years ago in the 80s.

The tabloid claimed that he has a taste for certain sweets and is over 300 pounds. The “rag” even goes as far to say that his habits could “lead to an early grave.” Tom Selleck was rumored to wince in pain because of his joint inflammation and can’t stand for long periods of time.

A source said that Tom Selleck “has always been a big steak and potatoes guy — but now the more carbs he consumes, the lazier and fatter he seems to get. Food appears to be his main source of comfort these days. Right now, Tom’s almost 300 pounds.”

Tom Selleck Today

“Tom has not gained weight,” his agent told Gossip Cop. “Please watch the show [Blue Bloods], and you will see how great he looks.”

Selleck began his role as Frank Reagan on the show since its inception. The show’s current schedule was strained due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Countless health and safety procedures have been put in place for actors and crew. However, Season 11 has been shortened to just sixteen episodes.

“The network [CBS] has cut down series orders for more than half a dozen shows from the usual 22 episodes to between 16 and 18,” Variety confirmed.

The recent season is set in a post-pandemic world. “Listen, it was a conscious decision, and not an easy one,” Blue Bloods executive producer Kevin Wade told Deadline.

“On the other hand, on a purely practical level I don’t want to watch masked actors, particularly,” he added. “Now, I’ve seen other shows that are doing it and it feels, on the one hand, true and on another hand, anachronistic. The decision we’ve made was not to play the show that way.”

Finally, the next episode of Blue Bloods will air on March 26. The final two episodes of the season will air on April 2 and 9.

Catch Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods on CBS on Fridays at 10 PM ET.