Tom Welling Goes Undercover in New Police Thriller ‘Deep Six’

by Allison Hambrick

Former Smallville actor Tom Welling joined the cast of “Deep Six,” a new police thriller from director Scott Windhauser.

In the film, Welling will play Terry, who is released from prison then forced to go undercover to take down the Cosa Nostra in Italy. After his entire undercover unit is taken out, Terry is stuck riding shotgun with a killer who might just know he isn’t who he says he is. The rest of the cast includes Cam Gigandet, Sidhartha Mallya, Cher Cosenza, Al Linea,and Alessia Alciati. Little else is known about the film, but it begins filming in Rome this April.

“I really lucked out to get to work with such a great actor like Tom. I think he is really going to open a lot of eyes with his role,” Windhauser told Deadline. “He gets to go to toe-to-toe with Cam in a game of cat and mouse that the audience will love. I can’t wait to show the world this project.”

Welling starred as Clark Kent, the future Superman, for 10 seasons on The WB, later The CW. That role alone earned him a loyal fanbase. However, he does have more credits to his name. He appeared in films such as Draft Day, ParklandCheaper by the Dozen, and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Perhaps his other most well-known role is that of L.A.P.D. Lieutenant Marcus Pierce on Lucifer.

Welling already played a reporter moonlighting as a superhero and a cop. As such, it may not be much of a stretch to play an undercover operative.

Tom Welling’s Costar Opens Up About Smallville

While Tom Welling is mostly known for Smallville, one of his costars has another major credit to their name: The Dukes of Hazzard. John Schneider, who played the iconic role of Bo Duke, also played Clark Kent’s father, Johnathan, for several seasons. The actor once discussed his role in the series, as well as his love of Superman.

“I was always a Superman guy,” said Schneider. “It still fascinates me that I became Jonathan Kent. I did watch Batman but, it may sound kind of odd, but I was convinced that Batman was a fiction, but I’m not sure that I knew that for Superman, and I am still not sure I know that Superman is fiction.”

Moreover, Schneider enjoys being a part of Superman’s legacy. Though, he has found that it created a generation gap among his fans.

“I find these parents of those kids who watched Smallville say, ‘Hey, you see John Schneider in this show he did before Smallville, they are just as shocked, that Jonathan Kent from Smallville is Bo Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard and stars as Bo Duke in this show, so I think it’s just great,” Schneider added.