‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is All About ‘Making Warmongering Sexy,’ According to Bill Maher

by Tia Bailey

Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick was a huge box office success. Comedian Bill Maher shared his thoughts on the film, and it seems to be a new take.

The film follows “Maverick as he confronts his past while training a group of younger Top Gun graduates, including the son of his deceased best friend, for a dangerous mission.” The film is also the 5th highest-grossing film ever in North America.

However, Maher doesn’t get the hype. On Friday, he took to HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher to share his thoughts.

“Every other movie that comes out, all of which are made by liberals for liberals, with ardent liberal intent, fall short. If the movie is about poverty, the director didn’t grow poor enough to understand it. If it’s about being gay, it’s not gay enough,” he said.

He shared his frustration with the film, and how the critics raved over it.

“Don’t even try sidelining white-washing, colorism, white saviorism,” Maher said. “No amount of virtuous signaling is ever virtuous enough, but somehow 96% of film critics love ‘Top Gun’ like a Catholic priest loves sleepaway camp.”

He did, however, praise Cruise and his performance.

He then asked critics: “If you’re a film critic and you’ve been making your life’s mission to root out the insufficiently liberal in cinema, did you not notice that ‘Top Gun’ is a lot about making warmongering sexy?”

Maher then talks about how the weapons in the film are “weapon porn.”

“The weapons porn, the endless money shots of engines, burning jet fuel, the big d— energy. The aircraft carriers dancing in the sun’s haze all, to the manly macho masculine sounds of… Kenny Loggins?”

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Hit With Lawsuit

A lawsuit was opened against Paramount following the film’s huge release in theaters. The original Top Gun film was based on an article by Ehud Yonay. The team of the original film secured the rights to the article for the first film. However, Yonay passed away in 2012, and the team didn’t renew the rights.

Yonay’s son and widow, Shosh and Yuval Yonay, filed a copyright lawsuit because of this. It claims that it “infringes on the copyright of the 1983 magazine article that was the source material for the original film,” according to Variety.

However, Paramount moved to have it dismissed, stating that Maverick is a totally different story than the one in the article.

The introduction of the lawsuit reads: ““Plaintiffs claim that Paramount Pictures’ 2022 blockbuster movie Top Gun: Maverick (“Maverick“) infringes their copyright in a 1983 magazine article. However, that article — which Plaintiffs tellingly do not attach to the complaint — is a non-fiction piece on the Navy Fighter Weapons School, also known as “Top Gun.” Maverick, in contrast, is a narrative action movie about a fictional veteran pilot, Maverick, who returns to Top Gun to train graduates — including one who blames Maverick for his father’s death — for an attack on an enemy installation.”

Paramount has moved to have the claim dismissed.