‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Nominated for a Whopping Amount of People’s Choice Awards

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

For those of you who are fans of Top Gun: Maverick, then you will be excited to know that it’s up for a bunch of awards. As you can tell below, the movie is up for a bunch of People’s Choice Awards. For instance, how about the Movie of 2022? Then again, it’s also up for the Action Movie of 2022. Top Gun: Maverick set the night on fire at the box office.

What about the Male Movie Star of 2022? You know that Tom Cruise is in that category right there. Toss in his co-star and resident Philadelphia Phillies fan Miles Teller, too. Cruise also finds himself firmly planted in the category for Action Movie Star of 2022. Let’s go ahead and toss in Lady Gaga and her song, “Hold My Hand,” for Song of 2022. That’s a total of six representations for some type of award in the People’s Choice Awards. The tweet below that comes from the movie’s official account gives you some direction to go and add your votes.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Heads To Streaming Platform For Europe By Christmas

One of the great things about this movie is its widespread appeal. It has been rocking and rolling at the box office all over the world. Yet when will it come out on streaming platforms? Don’t expect it out in the United States anytime soon. That leaves what might happen overseas. Good news for those Top Gun: Maverick fans. Cruise is not too keen about having it here in the U.S.

OK, so what about overseas? Just in time for the Christmas Day fun, those people who have Paramount+ over there can expect it to debut. It’ll hit the streaming platform on December 22. For those fans in the United Kingdom and Ireland, you are in luck! Get ready to watch the action roll out on your TV screen. This might grind Cruise’s gears a little bit. He’s known to be more in love with the big screen than the small screen. Cruise might appear on TV for interviews but he’s not had a series of his own at all.

Here’s something to keep an eye on when it comes to Cruise. Many fans of Kevin Costner know that he’s had quite a movie career himself. Yet where are you seeing him all the time these days? Yellowstone, of course. He plays patriarch John Dutton on there and appears to be having a great time doing so. Could a TV series be in the future for Cruise? Anything can happen. After all, if Costner could make the shift from the big screen to the small screen, then don’t you think Cruise could do it as well?