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‘Top Gun: Maverick’s Case for Winning Best Picture at the Oscars Just Got a Little Stronger

by Megan Molseed
Tom Cruise Top Gun Premiere
(Photo via Getty Images / Han Myung-Gu / Contributor)

Top Gun: Maverick has been blowing away records since it hit the theaters last summer. And, since then, the wildly popular Tom Cruise flick has also won several accolades. Scoring some big awards as it made its journey through several theater releases and finally a release on streaming services.

Now, fans are starting to get the feeling that the hit sequel to the original 1984 film, Top Gun is headed straight toward an Oscar win. This thought comes from the number of awards Maverick is continuing to pull in.

Top Gun: Maverick Is Collecting The Awards, Heading Towards A Possible Oscar Win

With awards season now fully underway, Top Gun: Maverick has been receiving massive accolades. The film has been a fan favorite from the jump and has been called one of the best films to hit theaters in several years.

So far, Top Gun: Maverick has scored several lucrative award nominations. The film has also secured two major awards from the National Board of Review (NBR) Awards. Including the organization’s pick for best film of 2022. Maverick has also taken home the honor of being named one of 2022’s ten best films by the American Film Institute.

And, fans say, this is only the beginning as these coveted honors are only the beginning of a prolific awards season. And, chances are if Top Gun: Maverick is already feeling the love, this trend will certainly continue!

This Is Only The Beginning

The NBR Awards aren’t among the awards show that is televised. however, NBR awards organizers announced the winners just last month. The biggest part of these awards, however, is usually what they usher in…a very busy awards season in Hollywood.

The Golden Globes follow close behind with this year’s show airing tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 10). And, of course, we have the biggie coming down the pike…the Academy Awards. This Oscar award ceremony airs on March 12. Nominations will be coming out in just a few weeks on January 24.

Last Year’s NBR Best Film Winner Headed Straight For An Academy Award

Last year, the National Board of Review (NBR) awards named the film Licorice Pizza as the year’s best film. This film is a coming-of-age drama starring Paul Thomas Anderson. Licorice Pizza was later nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture that same year. This, of course, gives us major hope for Top Gun: Maverick.

However, Licorice Pizza fell to another 2021 favorite drama, CODA. This film was a major hit in 2021 and followed Emilia Jones as a teen growing up as a “child of deaf adults” (CODA).

Last year’s NBR best film winner was “Licorice Pizza,” a coming-of-age drama directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. That movie received an Oscar nomination for best picture but lost to “CODA.”