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‘Top Gun: Maverick’s Joseph Kosinski ‘Blown Away’ by Military Sacrifice After Two Weeks on Aircraft Carrier

by Megan Molseed
Tom Cruise Joseph Kosinski
(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Top Gun: Maverick was a fan-favorite across the board this year. Those who loved the original 1986 blockbuster were flocking to theaters all summer. Many fans eagerly showing up to catch the long-awaited sequel to the popular Tom Cruise flick multiple times. However, Maverick was so into the magic of what Top Gun is, that even those who missed the first – or weren’t around in its heyday – found the film intriguing, intense, and just plain fun.

The cast and crew of the film, however, had a challenging few years working on and shooting the popular summer flick. Some crew members even spent time on an aircraft carrier during filming. And, Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski says it was an experience he won’t forget. An experience, he says, that makes him appreciate, even more, the sacrifice our Military makes every day.

The Top Gun: Maverick Crew Spent Only A Fraction Of The Time On The Carrier Compared To How Much Time Our Military Does

According to the Top Gun: Maverick director, he spent two weeks straight on an aircraft carrier. A time, Joseph Kosinski says, was “tough.”

It also made the director think long and hard about our troops. The soldiers who spend months at a time aboard similar carriers, far away from loved ones. Giving up so much in their selfless service to our country.

“The fact that these people do that for six months or nine months without seeing their families,” Kosinski says. “I was just really blown away by their sacrifice,” the director relates.

“I think all of us on the crew walked away with even more respect for all the men and women out there,” Kosinski says. He adds that this was one of the reasons he wanted the film to “represent” the military men and women in “the best way possible.”

And, the Maverick director says, the Top Gun crew worked very hard to capture exactly this.

“Every flight was flown by real Navy personnel,” Kosinski explains.

“Every time you see Phoenix flying in the film, she’s being flown by a female aviator,” the director adds. Joseph Kosinski also notes that the Navy is very different – and has a very different personnel – than it did when the original was filmed in back in 1986. Because of this, the director says, it was important to him to reflect the Navy of today. Not the Navy of 1986.

“That’s how far it’s come and how different it is now than then,” the director says. “So, it was good that our film was able to represent that in a really authentic way.