‘Top Gun: Maverick’s Miles Teller Goes Viral Bringing Out Dance Moves at Phillies Game

by Suzanne Halliburton
Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Rooster’s happy place was the cockpit in Top Gun: Maverick. But Miles Teller’s favorite spot on Earth could be Citizens Bank Park, somewhere close to home.

Teller enjoyed prime seating Saturday night for the Phillies 10-6 win over the Padres in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series. He got to cheer all four of the Phillies homeruns, helping the team erase three different San Diego leads.

ESPN SportsCenter shared a video of the Top Gun: Maverick star doing the shoulder shimmy kind of like Rooster did on the beach while playing touch football. Different sport, same result.

“Nothing but good vibes out of Philly tonight,” SportsCenter tweeted.

Thanks to their high-profile fan, the Phillies are all about the Top Gun: Maverick vibes. This summer, the baseball team threw a Maverick-themed evening. Teller, who played Lt. Bradley Bradshaw in the movie, received the high honor of throwing out the first pitch. Goose’s boy Rooster looked comfortable on the mound. Throwing to former Philly great Ryan Howard, Teller’s ceremonial pitch was high and a bit tight, but absolutely perfect.

Check it out:

There’s a reason why the actor, who played an ace pilot on Top Gun: Maverick, knows what he’s doing on the diamond. He played high school baseball and grew up loving the Phillies. And although his family moved to Florida when he was 12, Teller still maintained that Philly devotion.

Teller lived in NYC when he first started in acting. And although money was tight, Teller still could afford the $15 bus fare to the City of Brotherly Love to check out the Phillies in the playoffs.

Teller once said he’d love to play Dutch Daulton, his all-time favorite Philly, in a movie. But that’s a project for another day. Meanwhile, as Teller checked out batting practice that day, one Philly player offered him some pitching tips. “Make sure you toe the rubber and let it eat.”

On Saturday night, the Top Gun: Maverick star was sitting on the front row along the third-base line. Thanks to his blockbuster summer movie, he can afford the expensive seats. And he didn’t mind if the entire world knew he was a Philly fanatic. He jumped up and cheered each time the team erased a Padre lead.

The Fox Sports cameras also caught Teller being a fan (and it was no act).

Teller also showed up to watch Friday’s game three. But for this occasion, the Top Gun: Maverick star wore his red Philly sweatshirt. Teller’s favorite team is one victory away from clinching a berth in the World Series. The Phillies haven’t earned a trip to baseball’s favorite show since 2009. We’re betting Teller will find a way to the World Series, too.