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‘Top Gun’ Star Tom Cruise Saved an Award-Winning Film from Harvey Weinstein

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images)

When Todd Field was looking to bring the film In the Bedroom to life, he faced a significant roadblock in making his intricate visions come to fruition on the big screen. According to an interview with Todd Field, he was at the Sundance Film Festival when he learned Harvey Weinstein’s entertainment company, Miramax had acquired the rights to the film.

However, Field wasn’t going for this plan. Fearing that Harvey Weinstein, who was notorious for changing films would make major adjustments to In the Bedroom, the filmmaker contacted actor Tom Cruise searching for advice on what to do next. Thankfully, Tom Cruise had some good advice. It was advice, Field says, that worked exactly as planned as well!

In the Bedroom remained the film screened at the Sundance Film Festival without the changes Weinstein’s company aimed to make. As a result, the film pulled in profits as high as 25 times its budget.

Actor Tom Cruise Saves The Day, Giving Field Advice And Keeping Changes To In The Bedroom At Bay

According to reports, Field was worried that the Miramax company would take his film and make major edits without giving him much say. However, Tom Cruise talked him down a bit, giving Field some sound advice.

“I was weeping in the bathroom,” Field recalls of the moment.

“I called up Tom Cruise and said, ‘Something terrible has happened.'” the filmmaker remembers. According to Field, the Mission In Possible star responded by telling him “‘this is how you’re going to play it. It’s going to take you six months, and you’ll beat him,'” Field recalls. Noting that Cruise told him it was important he take the plan one step at a time.

Cruise’s advice had Field let Weinstein adjust the film and not give him any pushback as he makes edits. What was the plan, exactly? Well, Field says, Tom Cruise was confident the edited version of the film would test poorly among audiences. It was at this point that Field stepped in to remind everyone how well the original version did at the Sundance Film Festival—leading to the release of the original version of the beloved film.

A Major Success

Tom Cruises’ advice was spot-on the filmmaker says. Ultimately, the crowd-favorite version of the hit film was released. Ultimately, the movie went on to gross more than “twenty-five times its budget.”

In the Bedroom was also nominated for a jaw-dropping five Academy Awards. Including Best Picture.