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Trace Adkins’ ‘Ultimate Cowboy Showdown’ Season 3 Premieres Tonight: How, When to Watch

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Academy of Country Music)

Season 3 of Trace AdkinsUltimate Cowboy Showdown premieres tonight. The cowboy reality competition is back for another season on INSP. That deep Louisiana drawl is the perfect narration voice for the show. Adkins hosts the show at a Wyoming-based ranch and a number of contestants try to prove their cowboy credentials. What’s it all for? $50,000 worth of prized cattle.

You’re going to want to tune into INSP, the home of all things western. The new season starts tonight at 8 PM EST on the channel known for its western-themed programming. Adkins brings his personality, wonderful voice, and talent to the show.

A group of cowboys, both men, and women, from around the United States will have to wrangle cattle, build fences, ride horses, and so much more. It all goes down at Powderhorn Ranch in Wyoming. Just a perfect location and setting for all of the wrangling, roping, riding, and cowboying that is about to go down.

Now, did anyone think to call up the Yellowstone crew or the folks at 1883 for this? Get Tim McGraw out there with Cole Hauser and have them compete a bit. Also, I like all the roping and the riding stuff. However, I want to see these cowboys do some of the gentler things about ranching and raising animals. Show them during a cattle birth that’s been breached, heal a hoof infection gone wrong, and things like that.

For those that think you can count out these women on the show, think again. Katey Jo Gordon of Oklahoma took the first season title and showed that it’s about grit and determination and nothing else. Ultimate Cowboy Showdown premieres tonight with an all-new season.

Ultimate Cowboy Showdown Premieres Tonight and the Challenges Should Be Fun

When these cowboys saddle up for the competition, things are going to get intense and quickly. The competition is fiercely competitive. Those $50,000 worth of cattle can be turned into a lot more cattle and a lot more money. It’s all about those bloodlines and the quality of the animal. If these cattle are as nice as they make it seem, their value is far more than the 50k advertised.

Challenges that might be featured as season three of the Ultimate Cowboy Showdown premieres include herding cattle, calf roping, bull immunity, race for buckle, and so many more. The challenges test the speed, accuracy, knowledge, and savviness of each cowboy. Messing around with animals that weigh up to a ton or more isn’t always the safest thing. It’s all part of living that cowboy life.

The show is going to be a lot of fun. If you are a fan of anything western or cowboy or even a fan of animals then this show might be for you. Tune in on INSP at 8 PM EST tonight to catch the season premiere of Ultimate Cowboy Showdown.