Travis Tritt Blasts Jemele Hill for Tweeting Story About Kentucky Derby Meeting

by Chris Haney
Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Country musician Travis Tritt was trending over the weekend on Twitter for blocking many user’s accounts with the hashtag #resist. Earlier, conservative actor James Woods suggested that his followers block users that posted the hashtag in an attempt to weed out leftist opinions.

Most Twitter users had never interacted with the singer which left them confused. Additionally, Tritt and Woods both randomly blocked sports journalist and former ESPN SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill. On Sunday, Hill shared news of being blocked. Also, she told a short story of meeting Tritt at the Kentucky Derby.

“I’ve been blocked by both James Woods and Travis Tritt,” Hill wrote in the post. “Had anyone asked me about Travis Tritt before today I would have said he was a nice guy based off meeting him at the Kentucky Derby a few years ago. Now I’m going to re-tell that story and make him seem like a huge a—hole.”

Afterward, Tritt saw Hill’s post and was not a fan. Accordingly, he responded to Hill’s tweet on his account. In fact, the artist slammed Hill for what he perceived as spreading lies because of a difference in political opinion.

Hill replied to another user’s comment who criticized her response to being blocked. Furthermore, Hill implied that her suggestion to re-tell the story of meeting Tritt in a negative light was a joke. Specifically, she responded to the troll, “Thanks for having zero sense of humor.”

Twitter Users Confused Over Travis Tritt Blocking Them

Recently, Tritt gained some publicity after stating his intent to block certain Twitter accounts. Afterward, multiple users who had never interacted with Tritt directly expressed their confusion at being blocked. Many shared their confusion on Twitter.

However, not everyone was familiar with Tritt and his work. Some blocked users had to look Tritt up since they didn’t know who the famous country musician was.

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