Travis Tritt Defends His Poorly-Aged Political Tweet From 2017

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/WireImage)

Travis Tritt recently went viral on Twitter following his political rampage on “resisters” and critiques on Jemelle Hill. He continues to post his thoughts on political matters, though, getting disapproving feedback from other users. Many users share a screenshot of a tweet by Tritt from 2017. The tweet gives Travis Tritt’s advice to entertainers, telling them to “drop the political rhetoric.”

Many users post the poorly-aged tweet to call out the singer’s own political posts on social media.

Though many have tweeted the screenshot to illustrate the singer’s hypocrisy, he continues to defend both his present and past stances. Tritt replies to users sharing the tweet that they should look at the entire context of his 2017 post, claiming it was meant solely for in-person events. Furthermore, he says he believes social media may be used at any time for political discourse.

In addition, he commented to another user giving an explanation, adding his fans are at his shows “to be entertained.”

Following his engagement with followers calling him out for hypocritical posts, Tritt continues to add his opinions to his Twitter page. He says “Americans will strongly rebel against this at the ballot box. This will not stand,” in a tweet coupled with article about the L.A. deputy shooting.

The country singer has also added his thoughts on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which has been in the news since claims that it caused over a quarter million COVID-19 cases. He calls out a user who uses the rally as an example of the virus’s spreading speed. Tritt mocks the user for spelling Sturgis incorrectly.

Travis Tritt is most famous for his 2000 song, “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive,” but continues to be on the public’s radar during this political episode on social media.