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Travis Tritt Is Releasing His First Single In Over a Decade

by Outsider
Travis Tritt is releasing a new single
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Travis Tritt is launching his first new single in over a decade. The country singer, who’s been creating music for 30 years, is coming back to the limelight next week with “Ghost Town Nation” on September 25. Tritt announced his new single via his personal Twitter account.

Not only is Tritt debuting a new single, but he’s also releasing a new album, produced by Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile). “Ghost Town Nation” is available to pre-save now from your favorite music streaming service.

“Ghost Town Nation” is a guitar-driven single that’s meant to act as a rallying cry for getting through tough times. It calls back to the simple pleasures of life: fishing, eating delicious food, hanging out in the woods, and living in the moments.

“Well, I tell ya one thing that we all got in common; we ain’t gotta worry when the sky starts fallin’, No need to panic when the lord comes callin’, cause it’s all just a part of the show,” read some of the lyrics. “We’ll load on up, take it out to the woods, where the fish are still biting, and the eating’s still good.”

According to Tritt, he “loved the overall groove” when he first heard the demo, but the lyrics are what made him fall in love.

“At a time when so much of the country was on pandemic lockdown, I think the idea of escaping to a secluded spot in the woods was very appealing for a lot of folks. It reminded me of a ‘country folks can survive’ theme. I personally know a lot of folks that still do this regularly.”

Details on Travis Tritt’s upcoming album

Travis hasn’t announced the name of his new album just yet. However, it will mark his 13th studio album, following 2013’s The Calm After… in 2013. and The Storm in 2007.

Previously, Tritt signed a record deal with Big Noise Music Group. He’ll be working under this label to complete the forthcoming new album. It’s due out in 2021.

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