‘True Detective’ Season 4 Is Reportedly in the Works

by Chase Thomas

“True Detective” fans, rejoice. Indeed, Season 4 of “True Detective” is reportedly in the works, folks. The show that originally starred both Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson that captivated the country is reportedly coming back sooner rather than later for at least one more season.

Casey Bloys, HBO Max’s Chief Content Officer, told Deadline, “There’s something in the True Detective area, there are things we’re feeling good about. I would say stay tuned on that one.” So, while specifics were not given, the odds are good that Season 4 is moving in the right direction to return at some point on HBO Max.

Still, no specifics were given by Bloys as a timeline, but stay tuned for more information on that front.

Matthew McConaughey on ‘True Detective’

Season 1 of the program is what started it all. Folks had never seen Woody or Matthew work a television program like that before. The drama that unfolded on HBO for those two Louisiana police detectives is still talked about to this day. The storyline and search for the Yellow King were what made the season so gripping for so many folks. It was an eight-part story.

McConaughey told Collider, “For me, as we all know, it’s a different time in television. There’s not that feeling of, if you’re having a successful film career and somebody brings up something on television, [then you wouldn’t even consider it]. At the time when I got this, we didn’t know where it was going to be. All I knew is that I read the first two episodes, and I was in. I was just, at the time, looking for quality.”

Television work isn’t viewed the same way as it was decades ago. This was a different time and now HBO can create programs that work more like long movies like “True Detective.”

He concluded, “So, it wasn’t something where I said, “I’m in, but wait a minute, it’s TV.” That wasn’t a gauge. That transition is much more seamless, in reality, and perception, more now than ever. It was, “Television? Great! Let’s go to the right place to do it.” Some of the best drama going on has been on television, in comparison to some films. It was a 450-page film, is what it was. It was also finite.”

He continued, “It didn’t mean that we had to come back next year if we were under contract. In that way, it was exactly a 450-page film script.”

It was something that immediately captivated Matthew McConaughey. He saw something special with the show and he was right. It came across as a very long mystery film drama. Folks still talk about it today. You can watch every season of “True Detective” on HBO Max.