‘True Detective’ Season 4: Who Will Star in the Upcoming Series?

by Chase Thomas

After three seasons of “True Detective” fans did not know whether to expect the fourth season for the hit HBO show. Well, the winds are blowing in a direction that certainly makes it seem like Season 4 is happening. However, who will star in the upcoming series?

One name has been rumored as a possibility: Judie Foster. The longtime actress who starred in films like “The Silence of the Lambs” has not been officially linked to the project, but her name popped up as a possibility for the project that Issa Lopez is putting together for Season 4.

Even if it is not indeed Foster who is cast as a lead role in Season 4, it would not be out of the ordinary for the show to nab a big-time movie star. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson had become household cinematic names, along with Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell after. Each season flows like a long movie, rather than a television show. It’s not a multi-season commitment like a lot of shows are. Because of that, bigger names like McConaughey and potentially Foster are possible.

Matthew McConaughey on The Impact of “True Detective”

McConaughey had quite the ride both on the big screen and small screen almost a decade ago. The combination of “True Detective” and “Dallas Buyers Club” was a big-time in McConaughey’s career.

McConaughey told IndieWire, “Could there be another run and another name, something lyrical and fun and easy to say — it comes off the lips like that and has a bit of rhyme and reason to it? Maybe. Remember, I was back to back to back to back to back. During the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ run, I had ‘True Detective’ in your living room every week. To talk about this freely, ‘True Detective’ was the best campaigner for ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ there was.”

It worked out timing-wise for McConaughey. Because he had that on television it helped put the spotlight on him for the big project on the big screen.

He added, “I did an exercise about eight years back. I had my publicists gather up all the bad reviews. And it was a thick notebook. And I went through and I sat down with all of them.” He wanted to hear them and see what folks did not like about those movies or his acting roles at that time. McConaughey added, “What I noticed was there were some people that I could tell from the very first sentence the snark was on high. They didn’t like me. This thing was going to be negative even before they saw the movie. They were in for me.”

You can watch Matthew McConaughey in “True Detective” on HBO Max now.