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Trump Comments on Bubba Wallace, Twitter Users Fire Back Immediately

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo Illustration by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

President Trump has shared his comments on Bubba Wallace in relation to the Mueller phone probe investigation. He tweeted Monday saying “Pitiful!” in response to a tweet posted by Emerald Robinson. NASCAR fans and political Twitter users are replying to Trump’s tweet in both agreement and disdain.

Some sent aggressive critiques of the president. One user writes, “Another shameless attempt by Donald Trump to start a race war,” saying that Trump is inciting extreme division. Another turned President Trump’s one liner tweet back at him, calling him the ‘pathetic’ one.

Another user similarly used the president’s words against him, also calling Trump ‘pathetic.’ The tweet goes on to list other Black athletes Donald Trump has shown contempt for.

Another verified user, Scott Dworkin, simply replies, “You’re projecting again. Sad.”

Other users in the comments argued back and forth, analyzing NASCAR and its success, rather than the president’s remarks. One says NASCAR is losing all of its viewership, while another counters that millions still watch.

Another focused on Bubba Wallace and the immense hatred that gets thrown at the driver. The user, whose current Twitter profile image is the side of a race-car, writes Wallaces “deserves little to none of the hate he’s receiving.” Another user amplified the situation by attacking President Trump’s reading ability and ‘brain capacity.’

Tom Fitton, who is mentioned in the original tweet that Trump shares, replies to the president stirring even further mistrust.

Another user gave another comment mentioning Tom Fitton: “Tom Fitton for FBI Director!” they write.

Donald Trump has been in recent news surrounding his critiques of another sport: football. He has made his stance on the NFL National Anthem protests clear, though he is excited for Big10 College football to return.