‘Tulsa King’ Boss Reveals Big Sylvester Stallone Teasers Ahead of Show’s Paramount+ Debut

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

With Tulsa King about to launch on Paramount+, we get some inside information on it and Sylvester Stallone from Terence Winter. Winter is the show’s executive producer. He’s the man who gets to work with Stallone, who plays Dwight “The General” Manfredi on the show. Winter offers some insights on what in the world Manfredi is doing in a city like Tulsa, Oklahoma, after all.

“He’s expecting to be rewarded for being a good soldier. Instead, he gets shipped out unceremoniously to Tulsa, Oklahoma, which for him might as well be another planet,” Winter said in an interview with EW. “He’s also kind of out of a time capsule. He went away in 1997 when the internet was just getting started and before cell phones were rampant and before Uber. So he’s really a guy who’s out of time.”

Terence Winter of ‘Tulsa King’ Gives Us Insights Into Manfredi

One thing that will be prevalent in Tulsa King is humor and comedy. It’s something that struck Winter when looking at working with Stallone. After all, most of the well-known characters Stallone has played appear to be serious. Winter talked about letting the funnier side of Stallone come out in his portrayal of Manfredi.

“Absolutely. I mean, I remember the first time I saw Rocky, I was like, ‘Man, this guy,'” Winter said. “And if you would’ve told me then one day I’d get to work with him and write for him? It’s a dream come true. And to get to do something different. I think in his career, which has spanned decades, it’s really wonderful that he gets to stretch muscles that he has rarely gotten to use. And I think he’s really enthused coming to work every morning.”

EP Talks About Dwight’s New Life In Tulsa

Winter is asked about the focus of this first season of Tulsa King. What can people expect to see when it comes to the storyline around Manfredi and his new life in Tulsa? Winter said that what’s going to happen is Dwight will reassess his life choices. He’s going to learn things about them all that he didn’t appear to know. Winter reminds everyone that Manfredi is out to stake a claim in the Oklahoma town, then send cash back home.

“So he is building his own mob crew more or less, not an Italian mafia crew, but a crew of people to help him earn money, but he’s also building a life,” Winter said. “So he’s also trying to repair the life that he left and lost back in New York. (And) so there’s a lot of stuff going on.” It looks like Tulsa King could be another hit for Taylor Sheridan, too.