‘Turner & Hooch’ Actor Josh Peck Explains Working With a Dog Co-Star is a ‘Once In a Lifetime Experience’

by Keeli Parkey

Some co-stars have to be easier to work with than others. For Josh Peck, some of his favorite co-stars don’t even walk on two legs. Instead, these co-stars have four legs – and cute tails and adorable faces.

Peck, of course, is the star of the new Disney+ series, “Turner & Hooch.” If that name sounds familiar, it should.

“Turner & Hooch” was also a 1989 movie that starred Tom Hanks as Detective Scott Turner. According to PEOPLE, in the new series Josh Peck plays the son of Hanks’ character. And, unsurprisingly, Scott Turner Jr. also has a four-legged partner by his side. The son is a United States marshal in the reboot. Together, he and Hooch work together to make the world a better place.

For Peck, getting to work with dogs added to the fun of working on the new series. And, unsurprisingly, the adorable pooch who plays Hooch made creating the show unlike any other. Actually, according to Peck, there was more than one pooch who helped bring the character of Hooch to life. These dogs are trained for their roles in “Turner & Hooch.”

“Working with dogs is a once in a lifetime experience, and I will never forget it,” Josh Peck said in a special video released by the series.

Peck also shared that the show actually used “stuffed stunt doubles” for the dogs on the set. “I’ll especially never forget Hooch’s stunt double,” the 34-year-old actor shared. “Even dogs have stunt doubles.

Josh Peck Said Trainers Keep Dogs Motivated with ‘All the Treats’

He also shared details about how the cast and the dogs’ trainers kept the four-legged actors ready to hit their marks and do their jobs.

“How do you get a dog to do what you need him to do on set? Well, let’s just say treats. All the treats,” Josh Peck also said.

The video also shows the actor rewarding one of his canine co-stars with a treat. “He responds well to food – like me,” he then joked.

Peck also praised the dogs’ trainers and the pooches themselves for their hard work and dedication behind the scenes on the show. “The dogs train really hard to prepare for the role of Hooch,” the actor said.

But, it wasn’t just the dogs who enjoyed their time while filming the series. “You know, it wasn’t just the dogs that had all the fun with action,” Josh Peck also said. “The human cast did too.”

“The dogs are three things – very unpredictable, very cute, and very fun,” child actor Jeremy Maguire said.

Also part of the “Turner & Hooch” series cast are Carra Patterson, Vanessa Lengies, Brandon Jay McLaren, Anthony Ruivivar, Becca Tobin, and Reginald VelJohnson.

You can watch Josh Peck and his co-stars in the behind-the-scenes look of the series “Turner & Hooch” on Disney+ below. The network shared the footage in recognition of National Dog Day on Thursday, Aug. 26.