‘Turner & Hooch’ Reboot Faces Criticism After Debut Flop on Disney+

by Megan Molseed

It’s one of our favorite Tom Hanks films. I mean, it’s Tom Hanks with a very naughty, but very lovable dog. It had every ingredient needed to make it an instant favorite. This is why when Disney + announced it was rebooting “Turner and Hooch” with the premiere of a new series of the same name, we were all beyond excited. However, the response after the new show’s premiere episode hasn’t been full of quite as much excitement.

When the series premiered in July, fans were not impressed. It seemed as if the series was unsure of exactly what it was trying to do.

A CNN article noted that the first few episodes of the series don’t seem to be presenting anything distinctive. CNN’s article noted that much of the show, while seemingly designed to be family-friendly seems uneven.

“Turner and Hooch” Brings an Uneven Story to Viewers

The biggest issue the show seems to have is that it cannot decide on what audience it wanted to draw in. There are goofy moments for the young kids, of course. However, there are also a lot of references to not only the original film, but other films and pop culture from that time. References which will clearly not land with the younger audiences. There is a sort of “comedic drama-mystery” aura added to some of the “Turner and Hooch” moments. These moments seem to struggle on the small screen. Especially in a Disney series.

However, we still have high hopes for the new show. Mostly because it’s exciting to see “Drake and Josh” alum, Josh Peck return to the small screen. Josh Peck starred with Drake Bell on the hit tween comedy “Drake and Josh” in the early 2000s. Josh’s goofy but lovable nature was one of the show’s strongest draws. It is these same qualities that Peck brings to his character on “Turner and Hooch.”

In the series, Peck portrays Scott Turner Jr. in a fashion similar to that of Tom Hanks’s Scott Turner Sr. Turner is obsessed with neatness – bordering on an OCD approach in some scenes. The idea of owning a dog, let alone a slobbering Mastiff is far from anything Turner has ever considered. In fact, the series premiere makes it clear that the only “pet” the young Turner is ready to share his space with, is the Roomba that travels about his immaculate apartment clearing any messes Turner may have missed.

So, when Turner’s sister shows up at his door with the new Hooch, he is horrified at the idea of allowing the drooling dog into his home. In order to minimize any damage in his absence, Turner decides to bring Hooch along on his rides. Of course, this doesn’t turn out well, and Hooch and Turner are sent to a trainer to set the rambunctious pup straight.