TV Ratings: ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ and ‘Last Man Standing’ Tie for 2nd Most-Watched Canceled Shows This Season, View the Numbers

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images

TV ratings usually determine whether a show continues for another season and whether the series is worthy of some high-dollar advertising.

But in this just-finished season, we also can see that TV ratings revealed some canceled shows still were popular among viewers.

It might not be much consolation for NCIS: New Orleans fans. The show was cut after seven seasons. However, TV ratings revealed it was one of the most-watched series of the canceled bunch. According to, NCIS: New Orleans pulled an audience of 7.2 million. CBS decided to delete the show earlier in the spring, so writers could wrap up lingering plotlines in the series finale. The network will add NCIS: Hawai’i to replace the New Orleans franchise for the fall schedule.

Meanwhile, the TV ratings in the key demo also revealed NCIS: New Orleans was the top of the heap in terms of canceled series. The demo measures viewers aged 18 to 49. This is the demo that draws advertisers. Mom, another CBS show, was the most popular canceled series in the demo with a rating of .9. The show tied with American Housewife. NCIS: New Orleans was No. 2 in the demo rankings at .8. And Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing also pulled a .8.

Fox Didn’t Cancel Comedy Because of TV Ratings

Last Man Standing wrapped up nine seasons. The show started on ABC, then was picked up by Fox when the series first was canceled. The writers also had enough time to create a finale to give Last Man Standing a proper sendoff.

For the comedy, the TV ratings didn’t matter as much in the reason for canceling. Fox believed the comedy had run its course. So, will there be a reunion? Another revival? Showrunner Kevin Abbott talked about the idea in an interview with CinemaBlend.

“I think that it probably would be … just be odd,” Abbott said. “If you follow sports at all, it’s having Joe Montana play for the 49ers and have all that success and then the end of his career go to the [Kansas City Chiefs]. It’s a letdown.

“We were given a gift by Fox by telling us at the beginning of the season — this is going to be the final season. That was a gift. It allows you to say goodbye. It allows you to emotionally prepare for all of that stuff. And to try to push it, I think that would have been wrong.” 

The TV ratings revealed that NCIS was the most popular drama on the air this season. It averaged 12.6 million viewers.