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‘9-1-1’ Creator Names Brutally Disgusting Scene from Show as Perfect Example of Show’s Lack of Censorship

by Kati Michelle
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We’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Outsider stands with our nation’s heroes. A show that aligns with those values and showcases heroes on the frontlines is “9-1-1.” According to IMDb, the TV drama series “explores the high-pressure experiences of the first responders who are thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart-stopping situations.” With the show’s “what’s your emergency” tagline, we get to see all aspects of rapid emergency response. From the witnesses making the initial call for help to the action at the scene and thereafter, viewers are thrust into the world of first responders.

As a previous EMT back in high school, I’ve got a few of my own grim and gory stories from Nebraska. Still, none of them involved what you’re about to see with the escapades of the “9-1-1” crew. In fact, this brutally disgusting scene from the show is a perfect example of the show’s lack of censorship.

“9-1-1” Crews Saw What?

Bad news for sushi fans. The Japanese delicacy led one man to a pretty nasty fate. During one episode of “9-1-1,” EMTs arrived on scene to a man’s house, where he and his partner showed signs of distress. Now, one definitely showed more urgency than the other, claiming he was in excruciating pain from his stomach. When the partner mentioned an overindulgence in sushi, EMTS started piecing together the puzzle. They asked the man to elaborate on exactly how much sushi he consumed, and the answer was too much. In fact, the man spent the last 5 days pigging out on the dish. They loaded him up on the ambulance and started heading to the hospital, but didn’t get very far before chaos erupted.

A worm climbed out of a part of the man where “the sun don’t shine”– if you know what I mean. More specifically, the EMTs classified it as a tapeworm. These nasty little guys aren’t actually all that little in some cases, and the phenomena is far from fiction. Actually, NPR reported on a man with one almost 6 feet long a few years back.

In talking to AssignmentX, “9-1-1” showrunner Tim Minear detailed the ability to not hold back.

AX: Have you had any censorship issues with things you wanted to show?

MINEAR: I used Sean Maher last year, from FIREFLY [Minear was an executive producer/writer on that series], in a scene where a seven-foot tapeworm came out of a guy’s a$*. So apparently that was okay [laughs].

Emergency Tips

Only two days ahead of its Season 5 Premiere, the official “9-1-1” Twitter account recently shared some tips with fans in the event of an emergency. Actually, they partnered with the American Red Cross to do so. The tips are specific to a mass blackout situation, which they have teased for the premier in multiple trailers.

Check it out and tell us what you think: