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‘9-1-1’: Here’s Who Died in the Wild Season 5 Premiere

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

9-1-1 season 5 premiered last night and it was a huge episode. The premiere was absolute chaos, following an end of the world type scenario where a citywide blackout unleashes a terrifying chain of events. One character didn’t make it through the night.

After serial rapist Jeffrey Hudson escaped the courthouse after a horrific hearing for Athena, Athena and Lou tried to track him down. While they initially thought Hudson would flee to one of his fans, Athena correctly guessed that Hudson would try to target the lawyer he fired.

In a shocking turn of events, the two found Jeffrey and apprehended him, but the lawyer snuck up on Lou from behind and slit his throat.

Detective Lou Ransome was played by Sasha Roiz. He featured in six episodes of 9-1-1 according to his IMDb page. Fans were shocked to see Lou go like that, and hoped to see more of Sasha Roiz on the show. Lou’s death was one of the most shocking parts of the episode, but it was still action-packed for all the characters.

The Rest of the ‘9-1-1’ Episode was Incredibly High Stakes

Aside from Lou and Athena’s shocking storyline, chaos continues all over the city. The blackout, caused by a cyberattack, has unleashed a terrifying chain of events including a helicopter crash and a bunch of animals escaping the zoo.

Before the blackout, Ana and Eddie had some drama when Ana implied that the two were just friends and Eddie Passed out. But that’s as lighthearted as things got. In LAX, the cyberattack sends the flight tower into chaos. Then, men start collapsing. A video of the attacker appears on screen, saying he wants 25 million dollars.

Some of the Stars of the Show Have Had To Rely on First Responders

While the drama and chaos seem like a lot, the cast genuinely appreciates the real-world situations real-life first responders have to go through. Like a lot of us, many of the stars of 9-1-1 have had to rely on first responders at some point.

One star, Aisha Hinds, was shot at only 16 years old when she was walking home from school. But it was thanks to the quick work of first responders that she made it out okay.

“I put my hands down, put my face on my hands. And then I just heard people coming out from everywhere, all the buildings, from my building. And people were screaming, ‘Call 9-1-1! Call 9-1-1!” And then a few minutes later, I heard my mom’s voice. Then I was in the back of a 9-1-1 van. Thankfully, because now here I am,” she explained.

Now, Hinds plays a first responder alongside stars like Angela Bassett, Rockmund Dunbar, Oliver Stark, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.