‘9-1-1’ Season 5 Premiere Recap: Everything to Know About Action-Packed Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

We just watched Fox’s 9-1-1 fall premiere. Our hearts are still racing, and our jaws are still on the floor. But, we know that some of our fellow Outsiders are looking for a recap, so here it is.

On tonight’s episode of 9-1-1, Los Angeles spun into a complete state of chaos. It was all thanks to a hacker who got a hold of LA’s power grid and caused a city-wide blackout—among other cyber hijinx. And while the firefighters, paramedics, and police officers of the USA’s second-largest city were doing damage control—on streets swarming with zoo animals—they dealt with some major danger and drama.

Shortly after 9-1-1 began, and strange things started happening around town, Athena was in court with serial rapist Jeffrey Hudson. Jeffrey was representing himself because he decided to fire his lawyer on a whim. While he was playing some serious mind games in the courtroom, the ransomware attacker shut off the building’s lights and computer system.

And, of course, the blackout led to a bit of madness, which let Jeffrey escape. Once the fugitive was on the run, he decided he was going to get some revenge. And his victim would be his fired attorney.

Jeffrey had a legion of hopeless fans who would have taken him in, and Lou thought he’d take shelter with one of them. But Athena knew his game better than Lou. She knew Jeffrey had a bone to pick with his lawyer. So, she tracked him down at the disgraced attorney’s house.

And Athena’s quick thinking led to a speedy re-arrest (phew). That is until Jeffrey’s target became his ally. As Lou was arresting the escaped serial rapist, Jeffrey’s lawyer sliced Lou’s throat, and Jeffrey was a free man once again.

More Drama on ‘9-1-1’

In another part of LA, Ana and Eddie were preparing for a big event. Ana had invited Eddie to her niece’s christening, which made Eddie think they were headed to a new relationship level. But as Ana was helping Eddie pick out some new clothes for his debut on Ana’s arm, a salesman mistook Ana for Eddie’s mother.

The mistake visibly upset Ana. And Ana said she’s not Eddie’s mother, she’s his “friend”. The shock of going back to the friend zone gave Eddie a panic attack, and he passed out right in front of Ana.

Cut to LAX, and the cyber attack is affecting the flight tower. Everyone inside the building believes a plane is about to fly right into them. But the crash landing ended up being a twisted psych-out. There was no plane. However, the feeling of relief ends up being short-lived because Nick Johnson collapses. The team manages to revive him, but then another man falls. As confusion spreads, a man’s face flashes onto the computer screen, informing them that the only way to stop the cyber attack is to pay $25 million. And with that, a third man collapses.