‘9-1-1’ Tease ‘Darkness Is Spreading’ With Intense New Look

by Suzanne Halliburton

9-1-1 posted a teaser clip for Monday night’s episode. And if we could choose a word to describe it — how about ominous.

Ominous as in “the darkness is spreading.” Take a look at the scary clip the 9-1-1 social media team posted on Twitter Monday morning.

In the clip, you can hear Athena Grant Nash (Angela Bassett) say “half the state is in the dark. This city could use all the heroes it can get.”

When the heroes need help, the end could be near. Or, at least the end continues with Monday night’s episode entitled Desperate Times. See, ominous is accurate.

Let’s throw it back to last week’s 9-1-1 season five premiere. It opened with an apocalyptic scene in downtown LA. There are abandoned cars littering the streets. The men and women of the 118 are on foot, taking in the destruction. They pass some ostriches. Then Bobby puts up his hand and asks everyone to stop. There’s a giraffe gracefully walking through the wreckage. Then they spot monkeys and camels, followed by an elephant trumpeting his hellos.

“I really thought this year was going to be different,” says Bobby, played by Peter Krause.

It All Started When ‘9-1-1’ Firefighters Got Error Emergencies

Then 9-1-1 flashes back a week earlier when the city first gets a taste of what’s about to come. All the cell phones at the station are receiving different sorts of emergency alerts. Chimney says: “it’s like our greatest hits.”

Meanwhile, the 9-1-1 call center is getting slammed. The dispatchers are taking calls. But the callers are as stunned as the dispatchers. They had no idea the calls were made.

One woman accidentally calls in, but she’s most worried by her GPS app giving her the wrong information. The app directs her to turn left and straight into a waterway. She dials 9-1-1 this time. May answers and tells her how to get out of a submerged car. The 1-1-8 gets there in time to save her. And that’s when they see that everybody’s GPS systems are going haywire.

And the city starts to figure out that these incidents were caused by a sweeping ransomware attack. Soon, air traffic control loses its ability to track planes. ATMs start spewing money. The power goes out. Part two continues Monday night. Count on more chaos.

In the ratings, 9-1-1 held its own in a stacked lineup. Network TV launched its fall season, Sept. 20. 9-1-1 went head-to-head against NBC’s The Voice and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. The Fox show generated an audience of 5.26 million. The Voice won the hour with an audience of 6.98 million. Dancing with the Stars finished second with 5.48 million. CBS comedy The Neighborhood finished fourth at 5.12 million.

9-1-1 also hyped a rescue in tonight’s episode. The show posted a photo of Bobby rescuing someone from a boarded-up store. See, ominous still fits.