‘9-1-1’ Teases Death, Destruction, and An Out of Control Helicopter in New Trailer

by Taylor Cunningham

A new trailer is out for Monday’s episode of 9-1-1. It teases death, destruction, and an out-of-control helicopter. In other words, it looks wild. And here we thought the show couldn’t get any crazier after the series premiere. Apparently, we were wrong.

The chaotic events that led to a city-wide blackout on last week’s season opener will continue this week on FOX. When the premiere concluded, a serial rapist was on the loose and a cybercriminal had hijacked Los Angeles. This week, we’re hoping to get some answers about the ransomware attack. And we also want to see Jeffrey Hudson face some justice.

But it doesn’t look like 9-1-1 will be wrapping its new plotlines up in a pretty bow. Instead, it’s giving LA EMS workers a whole lot more to deal with. But we don’t really need to tell you. Just watch tomorrow’s teaser for yourself.

The official 9-1-1 Twitter page wrote, “This season is wilder than ever! Watch a new episode of #911onFOX — TOMORROW at 8/7c.” And they’ve got that right. Life is pure chaos for the show’s characters.

“How is it that every time the world seems to end, it ends some more?” Athena appropriately asks as the video opens. And the contents of the teaser don’t offer any answers. All we know is that Elephants are still running loose downtown, and a few people are going to be in a fiery helicopter crash.

Here’s What Happened on the Season Premiere of 9-1-1

On last Monday’s jaw-dropping season 5 premiere, the city of Los Angeles spun into chaos overdrive. As the show opened, odd things started going on with cell phones and computers, but it wasn’t until later that the crew realized they were under a cyber attack.

And the biggest hit from the attack happened at the worst time. Angela Basset’s Athena was in the courtroom with Jeffrey Hudson. He had fired his lawyer, and the judge granted him permission to represent himself. Of course, the serial rapist used that privilege to torment Athena on the stand. But just as things were getting dramatic, the ransomware attacker shut off the building’s lights and computer system. And Jeffrey managed to escape during the madness that broke out amid everyone’s confusion.

With a dangerous fugitive on the dark streets of LA, Athena had to work quickly. At first, Lou thought Jeffrey would hide out with one of his many fangirls (yep, he has a fan club) but Athena knew better. She thought he’d head to his fired attorney’s house to get revenge.

And Athena was right. When she and the LAPD showed up at the home, Jeffrey was inside and he was ready to commit murder. Athena’s intuition led to Jeffrey’s rearrest. But in a strange twist of events, the lawyer, who Athena saved, decided to help Jeffrey. She killed Lou as he was slapping on the cuffs. And Jeffrey was on the run once again.