‘Alaskan Bush People’: Brown Family Grapple with Big Decision on Staying in Alaska After Loss of Father Billy

by Amy Myers

You can take the people out of the Alaskan bush, but you can’t take the Alaskan bush out of the people. With the latest season of the show now airing, it’s obvious that the Brown family is facing a significant change in their mentality and mission. Whereas before they fought for every opportunity to enhance their freedom from society, now they hope to keep their father’s vision alive by making their Washington homestead into everything he dreamed. Since father Billy Brown suffered a seizure and passed away early this year, it seems they’re as determined as ever to keep the family together.

Before Billy’s tragic passing, the Alaskan Bush People faced yet another obstacle. A wildfire swept through their Washington homestead, destroying much of the property and thousands of acres of surrounding lands. Not one to call a contractor, Billy gathered his Wolf Pack to rebuild their home on their own. However, not every family member felt the need to stay at North Star Ranch.

Eldest daughter Snowbird Brown instead felt a yearning to return farther north to their original home in Alaska. In an exclusive clip from Discovery, the show shared the moment when the young Alaskan Bush People family member timidly shared her desire to return to their first home.

Parents Billy and Ami were, at first, in disbelief.

 “When Bird said she wanted to go back to Alaska, I was like ‘Is she crazy? What’s going on here?'” Brown said during the past interview. “But I know she misses it. She left a great love there. You know and she had to, for us.” 

Meanwhile, older brother Bam Bam didn’t seem too thrilled with the decision. Instead, he stressed that the family needed all hands on deck to repair their home.

Late ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Gives Daughter His Blessing to Return to First Home

Although Billy would surely miss his daughter at their Washington home, he understood that she needed time to return to her roots and remember why she loved their independent lifestyle. Bird wasn’t alone in her decision, either. It seemed several other siblings, too, wanted to be back in the Alaskan bush.

“I think it’s gonna boost them up,” late Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown admitted. “I think it will give them what they need emotionally and all that inside.”

Their mother was also supportive, knowing just how much their first home meant to Bird.

 “Alaska to Bird is like snuggling up under a warm blanket on a cold day with a cup of hot chocolate,” Ami said. “It’s so deep inside her and what she is.” 

Ultimately, the Alaskan Bush People parents knew that if they forced their wolf pups to stay in Washington, they would grow to hate their home and want to leave even more.

 “I think it’s gonna in some inherent way focus them back to here,” Billy shared.