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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rain Brown is Chomping on Snow While ‘Waiting for the New Season’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Omer Yasin Ergin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Most fans are chomping at the bit for their next fix of Alaskan Bush People. But Rain Brown, on the other frozen hand, is chomping at the snow. Just a couple of hours ago, the season premiere of the popular reality TV series kicked off, and all of the Brown siblings have been just as excited as the fans to see it. Not all of them are willing to get a brain freeze, but perhaps that’s how the youngest series star shows her dedication to the family’s wild lifestyle.

As Alaskan Bush People fans well know, this season is particularly important to the family. As the first season without patriarch Billy Brown, widow Ami and her kids will surely want to see how the show honored their beloved father and the values that he instilled in the family.

In Rain Brown’s Instagram post, she shared a snapshot of herself trekking through the thick Washington snow. Once she grabbed a big clump, she decided to take a big bite.

“Waiting on the new season of Alaskan bush people be like,” she captioned the photo, referring to her excitement for the coming episodes.

The young adventurist tagged big brother Bear, otherwise known as the “King of Extreme.” Surely, he would appreciate his little sister’s unnecessary yet intense expression.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Shares Beauty of North Star Ranch

As the youngest of the Alaskan Bush People bunch, Rain Brown has practically grown up on the show. Only 18 years old, the star spent much of her childhood on camera with her family, enjoying the trials and triumphs of living off the grid. Despite the challenges that it may have posed for an impressionable young girl, Rain seems to have become better for it. Besides her dedication to her family, it’s obvious that the young reality TV star still holds the same passion for the outdoors that the rest of her siblings and her late dad have.

Frequently on the Alaskan Bush People star’s Instagram page, she shares candid moments of her appreciation for her family’s property in Tonasket, Washington. Deemed North Star Ranch, the 400-acre property truly is the guiding light for this young adventurist. Recently, Rain captured a stunning shot of her landscape at sunset, just as a burning sun began to sink behind the mountains.

Below the colorful sky rests a layer of earthy evergreens and a few bare trunks. Likely, for the Alaskan Bush People, even though we’re just reaching autumn months, they’re already feeling the chill in their mountainous terrain. Although, this might be a welcome change. After all, the family has spent most of its time freezing climates, and they seem to love every second of it – as long as they can spend it together.