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‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Shares Video of His GF Loving on Their Horse Soldier

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage via Getty Images)

American Chopper and its spinoffs aired for more than ten years before they came to an end. However, fans around the world still love seeing Paul Teutul and his boys create custom bikes. The bikes were only part of the draw, though. Many people tuned in to see the crazy family dynamic under the pressure of garage life and deadlines.

Fans of American Chopper or its spinoffs might think of Paul Teutul as a rough and gruff guy. After all, the shows made him look pretty hot-headed. However, everybody has a softer side. Some folks are just more selective about who they show it to. Paul obviously reserves his tenderness for his longtime girlfriend Joan Kay. He showed an example of that a few days ago on his Instagram.

Paul Teutul posted a short video of Joan loving on their horse Soldier. Everyone involved looks like they’re having a sweet and peaceful moment. The music in the background of the video adds to that peaceful feeling. The opening piano lines of “Lean on Me,” by Bill Withers plays as Joan and Soldier share a moment while looking into the camera. This might be one of the most calming videos you’ll see all day. Check it out below.

Paul Teutul kept the caption short and sweet. “That’s our boy Soldier,” he wrote.

Paul Teutul Sr. is Living the Good Life

A quick scroll through Paul Teutul’s Instagram shows that he’s doing fine after his life on television. It looks like he and his girlfriend Joan spend most of their time at home on their farm. Most of his posts contain photos of his animals, his family, or his significant other. All in all, he seems to be much happier while not on television.

One major thing that we can take away from Paul Teutul’s Instagram profile is that he loves his animals. For instance, his dog Chester has his own pool. That pup is doing better than most people. A while back, Senior posted a photo of the pooch lying in the bucket of his tractor. Apparently, Teutul forgot to fill Chester’s personal pool that day. Luckily for everyone involved, the rain filled the bucket with water. As a result, the dog had a nice cool place to lounge until his human got around to filling his pool.

Fans might miss seeing Paul Teutul flip his wig and yell at his boys, However, many would be happy to know that the expert motorcycle mechanic has found a comfortable life on the farm with good people and plenty of animals to pass the time. At the same time, you can still catch reruns of the show. So, it looks like everyone wins here.