‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Is the Coolest Grandpa Ever in New Pic Holding Baby

by Joe Rutland

When you talk about grandfathers with some sweet tastes, then put “American Chopper” star Paul Teutul Sr. right there in line.

The rough-and-tumble motorcyclist might look pretty mean a lot of times.

Not so when it comes to taking a picture with his baby granddaughter. Take a look and, well, get ready to see Paul Teutul Sr. in a different light.

That photo was posted on Saturday.

But there’s little doubt that ol’ Paul had a lot of smiles crossing his face.

The “American Chopper” star was on TV for 10 seasons. It ended in 2010 but the show has remained popular with viewers.

Besides Teutul Sr., other stars on “American Chopper” included Vincent DiMartino, Paul Teutul Jr., Michael Teutul, Jason Pohl, Mike Ammirati, Rick Petko, and Cody Connelly.

‘American Chopper’ Main Star Talked About His Recovery From Alcoholism

Fans who keep up with Paul Teutul Sr. from “American Chopper” may know that he keeps himself in good shape.

But he’s had to work at it. Especially after facing some demons when it comes to alcoholism. In a 2014 interview with  CNN, Teutul Sr., 72, talked about those times of struggle.

“Back in the day, I kinda started early-drinking and getting high,” Teutul Sr. said. “If drinking was in the Olympics, I would have been a gold medalist.”

He also was going against a long history of alcoholism in his family. Teutul Sr. said most family members died from their drinking.

Additionally, Teutul Sr. ran a business with a drinking partner. That’s not a really healthy mix.

Pretty soon, the “American Chopper” star saw those risks of losing everything if he kept drinking. Teutul Sr. decided it was time to head toward a 12-step program. While he got sober, sadly his business partner didn’t and died.

Getting Into Strong Workout Routine Also Kept Teutul Sr. on Road To Staying Clean

Teutul Sr. told CNN that he went nine years scared of going to a meeting. The motorcycle-riding TV star admitted that being around hard-drinking friends in those first two years was tough. But he adds that if he can quit drinking, then anyone can.

What also helped Teutul Sr. to stay sober? Getting in shape sure did. In an interview with Muscle and Fitness magazine, he said that he bought a bench and plastic weights after getting clean.

This workout routine happened to be something he did in his life. That happened before his slide into drugs.

But working out and lifting weights also became both his new addiction and a stress reliever.