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‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Posts Hilarious Pic of Dog Making Perfect Use of His Tractor

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images)

Everyone knows Paul Teutul Sr., as the rough and tough biker from American Chopper. However, he has lived a more relaxed lifestyle in recent years. While he isn’t screaming at his sons on television anymore and building the coolest bikes in the country, he is enjoying his time back home.

Over on his Instagram Paul Sr., shares updates on his life. He is a proud grandparent and is always showing off his grandbaby. Also, he enjoys posting updates about life on his farm. He has a mid-sized John Deere tractor and recently, his Anatolian Shepherd-looking dog found a good use for it. Look at the photo from Teutul’s Instagram below.

Dogs are just the best, aren’t they? The American Chopper star shared a quick caption to explain the goofy photo of his beloved canine. “I forgot to fill Chester’s pool this morning, lucky thing the bucket had water in it.”

Now, Chester must have it really good to have his very own pool. Really, the tractor bucket makes two pools. The dog is doing better than me when I think about it. The big dog looks like he is just loving his life in the tractor and I’m sure that Teutul couldn’t stand the cuteness. Our furry friends sure keep us entertained, don’t they?

Life for ‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr.

There is a lot more fun stuff on Paul Teutul Sr’s Instagram page. He is usually sharing a throwback picture or hanging out with family. His grandbaby is a favorite to post, but he also shares photos when he hangs out with his son Mikey. Earlier this month, the two got together and spent time with each other. While the focus is usually on Senior and Junior, Mikey has always been the level-headed member of the family.

During their time on television, American Chopper stars were often seen pranking each other. In the years following the show, that hasn’t stopped apparently. While Mikey was visiting his old man, he gave him a small gun-shaped lighter-looking gadget. In the video those in the room are encouraging Paul Sr., to pull the trigger on the small gun. As he pulls, it visibly gives him a shock up the arm. Everyone has been the victim of the fake stick of gum trick or something similar, so it is fairly relatable.

While the Teutul family has often seemed out of control or dysfunctional, it is important to remember they are people. Some families argue and not everyone has their lives documented in the ways that the American Chopper stars did for so many years. That has to be taxing in and of itself. Not to mention, working with family can be super stressful. It is nice to see them together laughing and enjoying time together.